How to spray saliva straight from the glands

this will teach you how to spray your saliva from the glands
it works with practice
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Step 1: Preperation

Picture of preperation
first thing to do here is completely optional
all you need is some sour tasting food
try skittles or if you are nuts, lemons
this helps to stimulate the salivary glands.

what happens is that when food is put into your mouth,digestion is started. saliva is needed to break down the trace amount of sugar as enzymes in the saliva are needed here.

this is for extra help if you are starting to do this.
experienced people can skip this step as they can use their tongue to stimulate their glands.

Step 2: Get the saliva ready

here there are two ways to continue
if no food is involved, fold your tongue down.
you should feel a vertical flap of skin. (you may use a mirror)
at the bottom of it you will notice what are two globules of flesh.
i know in me, those are my salivary glands.
if you are alien, it may be in your butt...

what you do is press your tongue downward infront of those two balls and wiggle your tongue to stimulate your glands.
practice holding your tongue there for twenty seconds
after ward you can try a minute
if you are alien, pinch your butt
this blocks off the two orifices ,holes , preventing saliva from coming out...

if you used a sweet, shift the sweet to the side of your mouth and press your tongue as stated above. not much stimulation is needed as the human reflex to food in the mouth is to produce saliva. like when you have just woken up, your mouth is dry and you put who knows what into your mouth and you start to salivate.

Step 3: Fire away

Picture of fire away
with your tongue held in position, open your mouth and quickly lift your tongue upwards and press it against the roof of your mouth. the best position is the one where when it comes out, it is not obstructed by teeth nor is it spraying too high at the roof of your mouth.
if you are alien just fart
CaineC2 months ago

I was trying to learn how to do it and accidentally gleeked all over my screen

mllem3 years ago
My roomie taught me how to do this during my freshman year at catholic girls school, but she called it "gleeping"-- it was just one of several interesting skills I picked up that year... ironically, the reason my mum shipped me off to boarding school in the first place was, she felt I needed to learn proper manners & to be more 'ladylike'!
hlannon3 years ago
i envy you all
Pentacle4 years ago
I can do it without pressing my tongue to the roof of my mouth. ;P
I can't do at all..
DrWeird1174 years ago
I have no idea how I got here, and I won't address the possible reasons. Anyway, I used to do this whenever I yawned. So I had to keep my hand over my mouth whenever I did. :P
GZNG (author) 5 years ago
guys, if you manage to spray the saliva 2 directions like a split, please tell me or post a vid
malildude GZNG4 years ago
I always did this but didnt know if it was normal so I googled it and came to this page. I can shoot out both glands in opposite directions at the same time :D
is this like ejaculating out of ur mouth?!? 0.o thats what it sounds like.. i dont get how to do this!
GZNG (author)  SonOfThgurda5 years ago
practise . just press your tomgue down and hold then flick it to the top palate and press it up reall hard... it takes awhile to open them up... lotsa water... and its not semen ...
volquete5 years ago
my friend gleeks all over people at school its nasty
Kaiven5 years ago
Lol. I taught a person how to do this at my school.
Thanks! This is the first instructable that shows how I can do whatever they are instructing me to do since I am alien.
wtf like idont get this its hard D:
GZNG (author)  The Red Button6 years ago
don't worry this is body physics... just put your tongue on the right place by doing random placements, then feel the pressure buuild then it'll shoot
Gamgee6 years ago
i cant believe that really works...
this is called gleeking...i can gleek up to 5 feet!!! hah its so funn in school lol
jeff-o6 years ago
I discovered I could do this in grade school. Good to know I'm not alone!