If you are like me then you find it difficult to start a conversation with a random stranger; which is why i thought up the idea for this instructable. I thought of this while i was in Psychology ( I know i should be paying attention) but i was thinking of ways to start a conversation with the girl that was sitting behind me in class.
Then it hit me!!!!
the most innocent and fool proof plan ever devised!

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

the beauty of this is that it is so simple and there is not many supplies to get... woo!
what you will need
a lighter
a pen (preferably one that is similar to this)
a pair of pliers
Interesting idea, and very clever. <br>Tried it yet?
well thank you! <br>and no i have yet to try it
hey man my name is Tristan and i'm a pua (pick up artist) in training. The broken pen could work as a what we call a &quot;opener&quot; as it shows no intention of picking the girl up but never and i mean neeeeveeer ask a girl if she wants to go for lunch with you imidiatly after! you haven't established comfort so a girl will almost always say no! just thought i would help <br> <br>T
very good point
plus you haven't even built attraction <br> <br>T <br>

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