Have you ever been on a campout during winter and just couldn't stay warm? Well I can't go back in time and help you out there,but this 'ible will help keep you warm during future campouts.

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Step 1: Don't Be a "macho Man"

You see what it says above?That helps a lot.I go on campouts regularly with my troop and there always one of them who says "I'll be okay,I don't get cold,so I don't need to bring warm clothes,sleeping bag etc." Which brings me to my next point.
ve2vfd, with reference to peeing at night: I discovered these <br>http://www.amazon.co.uk/Traveljohn-66918B-TravelJohn-Disposable-Urinal/dp/B0019M7VE6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1295021172&amp;sr=8-1<br>last year, they are a life saver.
Put hot hands inside your sleeping bag where your feet are.&nbsp; It will keep you warmer at night.&nbsp; <br />
For the layering system: Good idea. However, I can imagine it difficult to wear TWO heavy coats. What I usually do in the winter is wear a tank top, then a long sleeve shirt, then a short sleeve shirt over that (or vise versa), a sweater or hoodie, then a jacket/coat. Meaning I usually wear THREE shirts. Also, thermal shirts and underwears (long johns, for instance) are super great! Use them! Even if you do look like an old timer from Kentucky. =P<br/>
I'd bet this would get better views with more pictures with punctuation and spaces in the right spots.
im a boy scout to WOOO
in boy scouts we'd smoke rolled-up paper towels after the leaders went to sleep.
i dont know??????
i think you meant I'm a boy scout <strong>too</strong><br/>
I'm a scout too!!!!!!!!
me too...what rank?
"COTTON KIILS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't wear cotton. When it gets wet, it loses all insulating value unlike wool and synthetic materials such as polyester..... Fleece is good.
you were right about the fact that you should layer but wrong about the clothes you should use. Never use cotton when camping ever. Cotton is evil. you always want your first layer to be a wick away fabric like under armor and never just a cotton t shirt. also a hoodie is cotton so don't where it. instead where a fleece and or a wool sweater. There is a reason for this. If cotton gets wet it gets cold and it drys slowly is wick away fabrics like under armor fleece or wool get wet they still keep you worm. Never go camping with cotton especially in the winter.
For sleeping you should add that an insulating ground pad is absoluely essencial as you lose a LOT of heat thru contact with the ground.<br/><br/>When sleeping, always wear a wool hat, even in a hooded sleeping bag, major heat loss from the head. Also NEVER sleep in the clothes you had on during the day (including that wool hat!), only wear fresh dry clothes (tomorrows clothes).<br/><br/>Also, no matter how tempting it may be, do NOT stick your head inside your sleeping bag, condensation from your breath will make everything damp inside the bag. Always breathe out of an air hole, never completely close your bags hoodie.<br/><br/>You may also want to add that one must dress in layers and ajust the number of layers according to the activities you are doing. You want to make sure you are never overdressed during a high activity period, sweating = damp clothes = cold unhappy camper.<br/><br/>As for peeing at night, many people use an old widemouth nalgene bottle as a &quot;pee bottle&quot; so you do not have to get out of your bag to pee at 2am. Just make sure to properly identify the bottle so you'll recognise it in the dark by touch :) <br/><br/>Pat (also a Scout leader... :) going to camp with the kids this weekend... it's gonna be COLD! in the -20's)<br/>
ill be sure to add these tips.and thanks for them
This is pretty good !, Larger pictures would be better though !

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