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In this instructable i will show you how to make home made stickers with a low budget but a high impact. this sticker is not meant to be offensive but is meant to have a great impact, please refrain from commenting about the image on this instructable, if you would like to tell me a comment please do so on deviantart here: http://davej6694.deviantart.com/art/Abort-missiles-not-babies-134697966

Step 1: Supplies

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- Postage Stamps (I bought mine 50 for $4.99) you could also buy the sheets of sticker paper but that's a bit more expensive

-Printer (if that counts as a tool)

19rms972 years ago
like you said adoption>abortion. If you were raped, adopt youre baby and giva another family a great kid
cap826 19rms972 years ago
yes but carrying a baby is hard enough carrying your rapists baby is very likely to cause a young women to kill herself.
kaychew cap82610 months ago

Well, if it's her choice to kill the rapist's (and her) baby, then it's her choice to kill herself, right?

ahill351 year ago
You could buy cold laminate that you can just put on
AliKill3 years ago
You don't honestly think abortion is wrong, do you?
19rms97 AliKill2 years ago
Yes he does, it is basicly murdering a human being, which is messed up.
cap826 19rms972 years ago
i am pro choice, why? because should women who are raped have to carry their rapists babies and increase their chances of committing suicide? women must carry babies that will die in a matter of hours or months due to birth defects or other diseases. i dont believe in having an abortion because you dont feel like having a baby, thats what adoption and birth control is for.