How to Sugar-wax Your Legs





Introduction: How to Sugar-wax Your Legs

So, it's winter. If you live in the buttcrack of Minnesota like me, around this time of year you look at your legs and go, EW! I REALLY LOOK LIKE A YETI! This instructable is an easy way to wax your legs at home with stuff you have in the kitchen. after the first few comments I have recieved I feel compelled to expound upon this instructable with some history and reasons for waxing. Ok, waxing is an alternative to shaving and has pros and cons just like shaving. The pros are that waxed hair grows back slower,softer and lighter than shaved hair, especially if you have been waxing for a while. The major con is that it stings a bit. But come on, it's really not that bad. Also, this method of waxing with sugar has been popular since antiquity. My family is from Israel and sugarwaxing is called "Hawala" in the Middle East, where it originated. Some guys that have commented seem to think this is gross (or maybe it's just my hairy legs in the pic). Dudes- ask your girlfriend (or your mom) about waxing. It's very common and pretty spendy at your local salon.

Step 1: Stir It Up

you will need-

- 1 cup sugar
- 2 TBSP water
- 2 TBSP lemon juice
- small sauce pan
- butter knife or popsicle stick
- several cotton or linen fabric scraps cut into 3x5in. strips (old sheets and dishcloths work great)
- hairy legs ( at least 1/2 inch of growth)

Add the sugar, water and lemon juice to pan and bring to boil over medium heatand boil over medium-low heat for 5-8 minutes stirring CONSTANTLY(!) the mixture should be slightly frothy but not boiling up all over-adjust heat accordingly. The mixture is finished when you can look at a spoonful of it and see no granules of sugar.

Step 2: Cool It

let the mixture sit in the pot for a few minutes ( until it is the consistancy of honey) then pour it into a heat-safe container.

Step 3: Is It Ready Yet?

stick the stuff in the fridge for a good 15-20 minutes. when it has cooled to the point where it is lukewarm, you're ready to de-hair! PLEASE make sure that the sugar wax has cooled enough because you can really burn the crap out of yourself if it is too hot (super-hot+super-sticky=napalm!!!!)

Step 4: Rip It!

ok, now bust out those hairy legs and spread a thin layer of sugarwax on a small part of your leg use butter knife or popsicle stick. Immediately cover that area with a cloth strip and rub it down firmly. Now close your eyes and think of a happy place and quickly tear the cloth strip away from your leg in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Swear loudly and repeat this process until your legs are as smooth as Ella Fitzgerald's voice. You can save any leftover sugarwax in the fridge and microwave it for use again, although I have no idea whether it would go bad after a while or not.



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I've made my own sugar wax before and even though it works ok and is relatively cheap to make, it's certainly not worth the time to make or the clean-up involved afterwards when for about $8 you can buy a premade sugar wax ,which usually gives you several wax treatments, at the beauty supply store .

Ok i need help really bad i did everthing it told,me and i let it cool for a while. But still,really hot and if i let it cool,anymore it will,be hard as a rock so what do i do ???!?!?!?

You overcooked it to the hard-ball stage, there's nothing you can do. You're working with sugar and it's just like making candy so you have to stay within certain temperature ranges to achieve the desired consistency or you're going to end up with something that has the rock hard consistency of a sucker; usually 225 to 230 degrees is high enough of a temperature to cook the sugar "wax" to. Next time place a small drop of the cooked syrup in cold water. If the product slightly retains it shape but is still very soft when removed from the water it's cooked enough. Better yet just buy some hair removal wax at the beauty supply. I've made my own before and it's not worth the time or clean up to make something I can pick up at the store for around $8 which I can use several times.

Just a tip, from what I've read, the direction of application and ripping matters quite a lot. According to several online sources, it is most beneficial to apply the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth, then pull off the strip/wax in the direction of growth. This helps to prevent ingrown hairs, and might be less painful. Worth a try anyway. Also, I find it less painful when doing small patches at a time. When you start running out of patience, you'll be happy to suffer more by doing larger patches. ;) And, no, I have no idea why people think this is gross. It's just hair, people!

Hard wax is pulled in the direction of hair growth while sugar/honey waxes are pulled in opposite direction of hair growth. The only way to prevent ingrown hairs is to exfoliate waxed area frequently during hair regrowth.

it burns everything turns!


For all those like me who had a hard time with this (it got hard and not sticky) i discovered the reason. We probably burned it. So don't cook it quite so long next time and it should work

I did this just a week ago for my wife and it worked perfectly. You would be surprised how easy it is to make some common household products we use on a daily basis. The lotion you use has a main ingredient that is aloe vera. You can grow it in your home and use it as a lotion, or to remedy burns and cuts. This article was a quite a great and informative read.

Eric |