Introduction: How to Survive a Zombie Virus

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this is how to survive it true what you have to do but its your only choice. and try it to see if it works

Step 1: Beging

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now get a big a safe that cannot be broke into so your safe with food.

but if you want to kill zombies its different get a group which must how 2 docters lots of fighters and the opposite sex for each of them.

Step 2: Guns

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guns are pretty basic so anything that will kill will be good. but have as much ammo as possible
and check the guns before going out.

Step 3: Death

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because you took the if l gonna die l'm taking them with me. everybody dies leave a note because your dead

Step 4: Virus Alert

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try to invent a cure if everyone survives then test it out. try countering it with swine flu.

Step 5: Your Second Death

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when you everyone gets infected you will die. but since your infected see if there something you can do in the mean time like kill the zombie leader. if not have fun and just kill everything in sight.

Step 6: Surviver

Picture of Surviver

if you survive that and don't get infected just wait it out they body should decompose and break down so they can't move then just kill them all.remember to check your gun.

Step 7: You Didn't Listen

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you didn't listen so a gun had a blank so one zombie didn't die then it bit you and you were infected. then two girls captured you and used you as a experiment to find a cure and they cure you.


admin (author)2009-06-25

Hey, this is a great instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... pictures! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider taking some photographs. Once you do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks! Thanks for the cool instructable and we hope to publish this soon!

leaf1 (author)admin2009-07-02

hi l about to publish it so if you want to check it outand tell me if it can be improved

TheUnknownVariable (author)2014-03-18

Is that pic from Stubbs the zombie

dojers (author)2010-08-15

Regardless - it was a cool, funny instructable and as a Zombie fanatic, I appreciated it :)

RC-0720 (author)2009-07-10

okay... interesting*scribbles note to self on clipboard* this is some seriously perverted fantasy of yours, you seriously don't tell us anything on how to survive besides that guns will help us, and you entirely forget that there are such things as swords around, along with big knives, daggers, and other paraphenalia of ancient, but effective, weaponry.

leaf1 (author)RC-07202009-07-10

okay normally l'm a positive guy but what the ****. dude the only reason the picture is they because l found it online and l thought it would be a shame to waste a good pic. and by the way l didn't even think of it like that so if you think l'm perveted you should just look in the mirror

leaf1 (author)leaf12009-07-10

oh yea they wouldn't be daggers because if a zombie got that close you'll be screwed and a sword would be pretty much usless sich they normally in groups

RC-0720 (author)leaf12009-07-10

dude, simple thing. swords, big heavy things, can crush skulls, so if you have a smaller sword, about the length of your arm, you should be able to do quite a bit of damage, if you have the skill of swordplay on your belt.

leaf1 (author)RC-07202009-07-10

yes they may crack skull but they travel in groups so you got to crack five or more skulls in 5_twenty seconds and come on this is for the average person not a highly trained black belt who can master a sword.

RC-0720 (author)leaf12009-07-12

well, technically a fencer could be described as a "master swordsman" as well, and it only takes about a year to become a grand fencer. every fencing sword has its ties and moves based on real swords, so if you merely replace the fencing sword with a real sword, they should do some damage.

leaf1 (author)RC-07202009-07-13

dude you could do that but like l said earlier they normally travel in packs so they would still out number you. l would only suggest it if you ran out of ammo and you wanted to take them with you.

Marastic (author)leaf12009-08-24

how do u know they travel in packs have u seen one in real life i bet not. ur information comes from stupid movies u were watching alone on a friday/saturday night when u could have been with a women

leaf1 (author)Marastic2010-02-14

dude, do you know what a date movie is. its when you watch a horror movie with a girl and when she gets scared she will hold your hand or cuddle up to you.

RC-0720 (author)leaf12009-07-13

yes, that would be assuming that you would travel alone. if you had, say, a platoon of fencers, that might be able to be something useful.

leaf1 (author)RC-07202009-07-13

yes but when doing that your platoon would start to become injured and hurt so that is a case where you need a lot more than one platoon. also if you had platoon of guns you could just mo them,

RC-0720 (author)leaf12009-07-14

yes, but think of what would have to happen once you ran out of ammo. then, you would have to go melee. so therefore, army of fencers, meets army of zombies.

leaf1 (author)RC-07202009-07-17

well if that's the case. you would do as a earlier put "if l'm goining l'm taking you with me" approach. oh yea in my friends cloaked phantom alien invasion instructable, the door nob was a joke from the game door nob where if some one fart and if you say doornob before they say safe you get to hit them till the touch a door nob. also with that it has to be a proper door nob on a door not na carboard and rouynd like the one in the picture.

dud if u dont like it get some thing else to pick on my instuctable is a million times better to find floors in

dude, I'm not picking on him, I am merely saying that blades never run out of ammo, while guns do.

returnoflink247 (author)leaf12010-02-14

black belt in what?

leaf1 (author)RC-07202009-07-10

what short of man plays with a sword and doesn't learn to shoot a gun.

RC-0720 (author)leaf12009-07-10

first off laddie, I hunt perverts. I know what they look like, and when I identify them, I watch, to see what they do. when they do something that ultimately proves their depravity, the strong hand of the law comes in. so no, I am not a pervert, but I know what they look like. they look like just like everyone else. but from the inside, they are monsters.

leaf1 (author)RC-07202009-07-10

well then l guess you have made a mistake perve hunter. also by my guess of how your acting l guess your a cop or someone who has had some sort of sexaul abuse

leaf1 (author)RC-07202009-07-10

first of all it is a joke my instructable. second of all you say you going to stay out in the open and run from them all day instead of protective cave. l personally would take the protective place. second medics you will need medics for when you get hurt scott. third try and counter it or make a cure you could get lucky.

RC-0720 (author)leaf12009-07-11

dude, I am not complaining, this is a good job for a first instructable, if indeed a bit with not that much writing, but when I saw this, my training acted first, instead of my brain, and I apologize for the way I was writing. I've been on the job for way too long without a break.

leaf1 (author)RC-07202009-07-12

its okay we all go off somtimes its just that people react in different ways. l hope to have future discussions.

your a pervert freak if you think of it in a dirty way my friend did his best so if you are going to critize our Instructables don't go onto them because we do our very best

md4v3 (author)2009-11-28

Ok what ever others may think.. I'll say this is a good one.
Nice joke, nice twist.
You should make one about how to survive zombie animals too. Because I think the zombie dogs in resident evil movie are scarier than the human zombies.

Colonel88 (author)2009-10-16

This look a bit sloppy... something made in 10 minutes...

smartaleck135 (author)2009-10-04

The only way in which zombies could be created is with a parasite that burrows into the marrow and expands through each bone and controls it from there the stiffness in walking is due to rigor mortis and zombies from dead people is due to airborn eggs (biting transferal from ones in mouth) headshot/decap to kill from using the hard skull and brain area to a)see b) smell c)lay eggs in mouth d) grow the main organs think about it it makes sense

tmuterspaugh (author)2009-07-17

the first picture that's the main guy on a zombie game for xbox does anyone know what that game is?

randomray (author)2009-07-03

Nice idea everyone needs a little help with a zombie attack .I know I didn't know how to deal with zombies . You really , really need to do a spell check and check the punctuation and grammar . Keep it up I like your sense of humor .

leaf1 (author)randomray2009-07-09

thanks for the advice and l will fix that in future instructables

Atomman (author)2009-07-08

Copied, bad pictures. And gross info, more than I needed to know...

leaf1 (author)Atomman2009-07-09

thanks for your advice to change in the future but would just like to say with nothing else is that you should be little more positive because you can say bad stuff which l will fix in future instructables and can't say anything nice l feel sorry you.

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