Step 3: Group of people to have

Picture of group of people to have
everybody needs backup against the undead so this is the types of people who should be on our list

-first our close family and friends
-a priest so he can wipe the floor with the demon possessed zombies
-a doctor so he can do a bunch of autopsy on zombie so the group may find a cure
-alot of hot chicks
-a carpenter, or a constructor of some sort
-martial art fighters, and street fighters
-some dude who everybody he loved recently died, so he can kill a bunch of the undead by exploding himself with a bomb
-strong people
-a dude who is good with computers
#9EJV5 years ago
i hope those aint the hot chicks you were talking bout haha
chrisw92 #9EJV5 years ago
after a few zombie roaming years the girls in that pic would seem to look hotter than a volcano
AznPanda6 years ago
Hahha whered you get those guns :P
more likely then not, airsoft guns, or BB guns.
not airsoft guns, no orange tips. and not BB guns because the shotgun shells and the chain belts both have priming caps and no BB gun i know fires a caliber that big.
...maybe they're plastic toy belts?...duh
That would fit.
hrm... perhaps disarmed replica weapons?
possibly, i wish we had groups like that where i live.
teddy19985 years ago
umm have u seen i am legend?
arrow shot6 years ago
you dont need a computer guy, and you dont need a plumber. i know this is a joke but im going to take it seriously anyways
actually, a plumber could be useful (mario) but for another reason, what do plumbers work with? pipes. and what do pipes make? pipe bombs.
7 is mean
you forgot ven hellsing
obviously! with modern weapons...
and don't forget a non-drunk, modernized, Capt. Jack Sparrow...
spenfisher6 years ago
where is the dude with the bomb on him?
where the hot chick part
RC-07206 years ago
as I said before, the hot chick option really is no use unless they are a bit tougher than the average Josephina, there normally isn't a guy who is automatically thirsty for vengeance, and if you really thought of it, he more likely would prefer to go out in an honorable way, to go out guns blazing, not merely commiting suicide, in which it is certain that he wouldn't return.
crickle3216 years ago
Could you go into a little more detail into the need for a plumber for your list? Aside for the obvious benefits, do they know anything that you can’t learn yourself or figure out from fix-it books? It seems to be an unnecessary liability to recruit another mouth to feed for such a specific skill. You might want to cut this personnel list by half at the least.
mazeka.146 years ago
please zobiez yea right :)