Step 5: Weapons

Picture of weapons
when a group of zombies come, your groups needs some stuff in their hands to beat the zombies to a pulp
-a person need guns
-a revolver doesn't jam but carries less bullets
-a shotgun carries more bullets and if your shooting the slow moving zombies take aim carefully in the head
-a rocket launcher can kill a large number of zombies at once
-a normal pistol is all right
- grenade are good, especially when the sad dude is gonna kill himself killing the zombie
-a rifle rocks
-a Uzi uses a lot of bullets but their good if your going crazy against a group of zombies

-also knives are good, use any knives but i would use throwing daggers, ninja stars, and my favorite the katana to slice the zombies head off

so normally use anything that you and your grooup can get your hands on.
Benb9987654 years ago
where do you think you will get a rocket launcher or grenades?
From that military outpost that got overrun the other day. Seriously, who wouldn't head strait for the nearest militarized area in the apocalypse? It's protection if the military is still active or a vast amount of food and weapons and vehicles and fortified defenses if they've been eaten or forced to relocate by zombies. Military bases are all over every country, so, they're always close enough.
do you know how to properly use a katana? if not, then they are pretty useless...
Good point, many people think if you just swing a sword it will work, that is really not true.
An Villain5 years ago
things like spears and shurikans would not work, the zombies do not have any working vital organs so they would be useless, it would just be demoralizing to see a zombie take a heart shot with a spear and keep on walking.
shurikens would work if they were heavy ones to the head, but a spear would work if u hit them with it.
You forget, they are not human, they do not feel pain, Their internal organs are hardly functional, the only way they can be stopped is if they are physically incapable of movement, that means chopped up in to chunks, exploded, torn apart, squished, gibbed, frozen, crushed, weighted and thrown underwater, burned to a crisp (dust), encased in a safe, they will NOT stop for anything, that is why you have to do it for them.
but since they are rotting away, a blow to the head would shatter their spine, rendering them unable to move
No, you don't understand, they are NOT Human, they require no vital organs to function, this isn't Left 4 Dead, this is Fight For Your Life.
yes i know, but without a spine they would be physically unable to move..... and i have never even played left 4 dead
That is where chopped into peices comes in.
thats where the trusty autoshotgun comes in :P
Or my Secret Project.
or mine, exept that i have to wait another 100 years for it to work....
if you care for something for 100 years, it will come to life..... living knives.
Yes, If not by fate, then by design.
if you want to see what i mean, just ask MOME....
yes, if you know who MOME is.
really, then who is MOME?
I think that a crossbow is also a must. After all, nothing else carries as much zombie slaying history as a crossbow.
dude that would b really good also soak the bolts in holy water just in case
or tie a stick of C4 to the end with a fuse, light it up, and watch the fireworks
you cant use c4 with a fuse. it needs a detonator in it and det cord going from that, and det cord needs a specialized shotgun shell to light it up, not to mention, det cord goes too fast for that to work, it'd blow up in your face when you try it
then use TNT, haha, I cant belive we are fighting over this
TNT is the same deal, it needs a detonator.
You can use a fuse on TNT... didn't you ever watch saturday morning cartoons????
the original trinitrotoluene was fuse-detonated, and if removed from the red plastic case it is moldable (clay-like.) perfect for bolt-bombs.
right, but since it sweats, and there have been changes to it, that is no longer a viable option
i know, but the original, to make it you mix nitroglycerin with silica and you will get the original trinitrotoluene.
Wrong again, Dynamite and TNT are two completly different explosives. Dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel in 1869 Sweden. It is what you just described with the nitro. TNT, is a compound on its own. It was invented much later and there is no "original" mixture that doesnt require a cap. That was invented by either miners or the army corps (core) of engineers.
Finally, someone else who understands TNT and Dynamite are different things!!!
(wanna team up and kill AC/DC?)
are you going to kill justin bieber? if so then im in!
 I love their music. I think I'll be able to get over the inaccuracy.
we were talking about TNT, not dynamite. and that dynamite and TNT are different is common knowledge.
But what you described two comments ago was dynamite and you refered to it as trinitrotoluene which is TNT abbreviated.
fragmaster45 years ago
Spears, Crossbows, and some other things WOULD work. For the spear, throw it in their head or in their eye, stab them repetitively with the spear. Shoot them in the eye or the head with the cross bow, or you can stab them in the eye with a pencil, a noodle, or a fork. (Just kidding, you would most likely be eaten alive if you did that.)
lop1456 years ago
molotov cocktails would also work and they're easy to make u can use things like turpentine acetone gasoline and similar stuff. as for the rocket launcher it's kinda impossible. and a katana or other ligt bladed weapon is really hard to handle.
syphek lop1456 years ago
flaming zombies running around is a bad thing
lop145 syphek5 years ago
you dont know if they die from it or not. just capture one cut its arms & legs off smash out its teeth. viola you got yourself a test subject. :)
does a molotov cocktail work?
the only thing worse than a zombie is a pissed off, flaming, screaming zombie. not fun to be tackled by one of those.
ha ha.
well, the problem is this causes a slow burning that the zombies may be able to fight through. So, given enough time... yes
unless you set it for a short fuse (eg cutting an inch or so off of the fuse, so it will go off quickly), or merely keep a lot, and set the flame as close to the explosive as possible. however, a lot of blacksmithing tools can be used for zombie-killing, such as all of the hammers that we use, or even the simpler tools, such as the scraping tools, and etc, can be heated up to incredible temperatures, so that the hot metal could melt right through the zombie's skin, and really do damage to the brains.
RC-07206 years ago
where the heck would a simple civilian find a rocket launcher? the most a normal person could get was a revolver, or maybe a hunting rifle.
i know lots of makeshift weapons such as flamethrower, RKT launcher, etc. anyways this is INSTRUCTABLES they have INSTRUCTIONS for stuff like this, we are pretty tight-knit here so we can all pretty much look out for each other if this happens.
THis link is where lots of makeshift weapons and a rocketlauncher
interesting... but why would one want to kill someone's cat? that would definitely bring about a lawsuit or something...
make one with some pvc and a couple of fireworks XD
well, yeah, you could do that. I've made a good bazooka out of some PVC pipe and a tank of compressed air... it shoots poorly when aimed straight up, which we did when we tested it, but we've never gotten the courage to build up to full power and shoot somewhat horizontally...
How about a whole bunch of people with a LOT of machetes ( just in case )
well, that would work, if they were strong enough to swipe out at the zombie waves again and again, and if the blade of the machete was forged with the right materials to make it light enough for lengthened combat, but heavy enough to crack someone's skull open.
volten6 years ago
the best weapons are long shafted or blunt or both if you can handle it or just go for a long handled axe for nice middle ground
syphek volten6 years ago
volten syphek6 years ago
thats great till you run out of bullets id much rather have a weapon I don't need to fiddle with every time it runs at of bullets
syphek volten6 years ago
have fun getting bitten when you get tired while i sit on the top of a building with a couple crates of ammo picking them off around you.
Just raid Dick's, they have a couple big glass cabinets of ammo at my local one
thats the way everyone will think. at the store there will be fights over getting the ammo, which will end with people getting shot. which was my whole point, the ammo will almost all have to be scavenged about 2-3 weeks after TSHTF day
syphek6 years ago
for once, you actually had good points. btw/ shotguns dont carry ANY bullets, they carry shells, and it'd be about equal with the revolver as far a capacity, depending on what kind you get knives are the stupidest idea in the world, and should only be used as a last resort once youve run out of bullets, and cant run anymore, and cant find anything to hide in (buildings)
Knives? Might as well poke the undead with a stick
jball136 years ago
you can get uzi or an ak-47
syphek jball136 years ago
ak is a great idea, they can go through hell and back an they NEVER break down
alas, ammo is hard to come by in the apocalyptic times
spenfisher6 years ago
futer film maker are you retarted they reload slow and are only good at close range,you would need like 1 or 2 hundred peoaple for it to be efective
Unles you use a chinese repeating crossbow, or you make one of those awesome Van Helsing repeater bows :P there are always options
swords456 years ago
actually i would use all those weapons and when i would be surrounded and had no ammo for the guns i just used, i would use my favorite gun the MINIGUN!!!!!!!
most of this stuff would be hard to get and by the way who is the hot girl in the picture