Step 9: What not to do with a zombie!!!!

-don't have sex with a zombie, even though they look hot when their rotting, but never have sex with aa zombie or you would get "ZTD's" zombie-transmitted-diseased.
-don't go drunk, you may have sex with a zombie.
-don't eat a zombie
-don't look directly at a vampires eyes, because vampire;s has the ability to hypnotize
-don't bleed
waco5654 years ago
new plan find doc. richtoffen, tank dempsey, nikolai belinsky, takeo masaki, chuck norris, and chuck greene hide on a millitary aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean
Furloy5 years ago
 u make more zombies
Furloy Furloy5 years ago
 there was a south park episode where they dig up kyles grandma and the night wachmen think someone dug her up to have sex with her so to raise awareness they show everybody what makin love to a corpes might sound like. he sticks his fist in a jar of mayo
Furloy Furloy5 years ago
 zombie herpes
mmm zombie sex thats wat condoms r for
very good point
spenfisher6 years ago
Isent the eye thing madusa and stone.
OMFG ALL CAPS!!!!!! and yes, as long as theyre chained up
swords456 years ago
another one don't hire real zombies :)
lop1456 years ago
P.s zombie blowjob is very painful.
lop1456 years ago
told me a litlle earlyer about ztd's!!! now it's too late:(
a necrofeliac would rape a zombie. or michal jackson
This Zombie slaughter guide rocks my world. Before I was blind, but now ,I can see. If I am to survive I will find you and bunk down with your crew. I can help the team with my black belt in Tae-Bo. I'm sure we could hold out long enough to be saved buy international military forces. One things for sure if I see RC-0720 I'll be sure to cut off his Zombie head even before he is infected , just to stop him boring the living cr*p out of us with his complaining.
Respect! Check you on the flip side J+C
RC-07206 years ago
okay, first off, who would want to rape a zombie? they are just rotting flesh and bones! they certainly wouldn't be all that handsome, and they would be all hacked up either from their previous death, or from one of their victims with a large bladed object getting a few hacks in before going down. and besides, if you were a girl and you stripped your pants and undies off and started shaking your butt around towards a guy zombie, he wouldn't rape you: he would just take a chunk out of your bottom and procede to kill you. and who would want to eat rotting flesh?
Jesusr6 years ago
What kind of crazy unbalanced otaku/freak can write this kind of guides (jk), and yes you can use zombies as workers Nakamura-san. Just remember to keep them well fed and in their cages!