Cladophora ball "Aegagropila linnae"

A marimo ball is a rare growth form of algae, which grows into large green balls with a soft, velvety appearance.they are native to japan where they naturally grow at Lake Akan. They are also found in Iceland ,Estonia and scotland. They can grow patches on a lake floor at depths from 2 to 2.5 m. The round shape of the marimo is maintained by wave action that turns it.
In Japan the marimo has said to be a national treasure.
They where named by the Japanese botanist "Tatsuhiko Kawakami". Mari means bouncy ball and Mo is a term for plants that grow in water. So , marimo means bouncy plant.People often mistake them for living animals because they are usually moving around in the tank.

I first saw marimo balls when i was looking for an aquarium, then I immediately wanted them!

how to grow marimo balls

Your marimo friends will grow in tap water at room temperature as long as the water is changed every one or two weeks.
The growth rate of Marimo is about 5 mm per year.they grow particularly large, up to 20–30 cm (8–12 inches).

All they need is normal household lighting for them to make food, otherwise, indirect sunlight is fine.
You should turn them over once in a while for them to keep their round shape.
Marimo's are actually VERY easy to take care of, probably one of the easiest plants that live in water.
you just have to change the water once a week and your done!" make sure NOT to have age killer in the water!!!!"
1* They do not float unless the water is squeezed out of them.
2* They are NOT moss, they are a very unique type of ALGAE.


They need little light, they do best with lamp light especially if you have smaller, rolled marimo.
if so, they will start to grow outward like they do naturally and look very fuzzy.

Health problems:
If your marimo turns grey then simply flip it over and make sure the grey area gets light.
If that doesn't not work then you can get a bowl, add water, ice and salt, let them soak in that for about 3 hours .

they are a VERY easy plant ( ALGAE) to take care of and are nice for people that want a plant but don't have the time to take care of it.
They are also a helpfull addition to to fish tanks, thus they act like miniature filters cleaning out the water.

please ask any questions!

<p>Can you place them with other aquatic plants? If so, what types?</p>
I just got my marimo, i had planned on putting it in an outdoor koi pond and wanted to know if that was a good idea.
<p>i have bought a moss ball and I don't know weather to put another one in so it has company what do I do.</p>
<p>Hi! I have brought 2 small marimo balls from Hokkaido 6 months ago. </p><p>I put them on the desk of my office and change water once in 1/2 weeks. </p><p>The attached are the photos and I am not sure if they are healthy as they don't look as deep green as the others. Is there anything I can do to help them? Thank you!</p>
<p>I know that it's been a while since you posted, but these guys look beautiful and healthy! I'd give them some plant food designed for aquariums (you'll have to convert the amount to the size of the jar, or place the water and plant-growth solution in a clean (ONLY USE A PINCH OF AQUARIUM SALT with regular water) to clean out a recently discarded milk or juice jug--NO SOAP!!, a fill with a gallon of water and (usually) 0.5 ml of the plant mix in the jug and use this water when you do water changes.</p>
Thank you so much for your comments. So glad that they are healthy!<br>I have the &quot;plant food&quot; that they said is for marimo (bought with the marimo). <br>Yes, I will try to look for 2 clear bigger containers for them. <br>As it has been a while, I will take some photos of these two little guys and post it tomorrow.<br>
<p>I have 4 large Marimo and 6 goldfish and 1 sucker fish in a 10 gallon tank, my ? is can I feed the moss in the fish tank with the fish? Yes I bought food for them, the company I bought the food from said yes, but I would like a second opinion. Also how often do I feed them?</p>
<p>Some one told me when they look a little sad...put them in a cup of clean water and put it in the fridge overnight. Is this true?</p>
<p>Some one told me when they look a little sad...put them in a cup of clean water and put it in the fridge overnight. Is this true?</p>
<p>Hi! My sister just got me 4 Marimos (3 big ones and 1 small one) for Christmas and I was wondering if anyone could answer my questions about them. When she gave them to me they were in a medium sized container in quite dirty water. I haven't had the chance to do anything with them yet, and I have a few questions about their habitat:</p><p>Will their stay in the unclean container affect their health later on?</p><p>Should I put them in separate containers or will that affect them?</p><p>Should I put any pebbles or coral into their jars or not?</p><p>How should I squeeze them when cleaning, very gently or quite powerfully?</p><p>Thank you so much! I'm so excited about my Marimo friends!</p>
<p>1. The dirty water can affect their health, change the water as soon as you can.</p><p>2. You can put pebbles in their container if you like but it is not needed.</p><p>3. Squeeze the marimo gently with low power,</p><p>I hope this helped!! good luck with your new marimo.</p>
<p>Thank you! Yes it helped:)</p>
<p>Hi!</p><p>I have a small Marimo ball, which appears healthy and is a nice deep shade of green. Normally it sits at the bottom of the jar, looking cute. I change its water every week, and have had no issues so far. Recently, though, I've noticed that it's started floating during the day, and appears to have small bubbles coming out from inside of it- is this normal? Should I be worried? :(</p>
<p>Looks like you have a very healthy marimo! Nothing to be worried about!</p>
<p>Looks like you have a very healthy marimo! Nothing to be worried about!</p>
<p>all plants go through photosynthesis and thats exactly what your marimo are doing. they do float occasionally, unlike what is said in the OP. Its normal for them to &quot;dance&quot; and produce bubbles. it just means your marimo are very healthy. you should be proud.</p>
Thanks! I was just a bit worried because I hadn't noticed it before- I normally work during the day and I assume it stops 'dancing' before I get home in the evening. ;)
<p>Just to be clear... will my marimo balls survive in on my office desk where the only light source is fluorescent bulbs (no natural light at all). </p><p>Thank you very much.</p>
<p>Put your finger in the water to see if it is too cold if so try placing them in some sunlight for a short amount of time.</p>
<p>hi I am planning on buying a Marino so I've been doing some research and I've noticed a few people talking about feeding their moss ball and they talk about either fish or some pretty store moss ball food. I don't plan on having any other living things in my tank just Marimo's. Is this moss ball food something I should be looking in to?</p>
<p>This food helps your marimo grow, it is not needed but it can be used. It is up to the owner.</p>
<p>Help! I just received my marimo balls today and would like to add them to my (daughter's) beta tank. However, since I have also been treating the water for a small fin rot on the old beta and adding antibiotics over the last several weeks along with frequent water changes, I am concerned about the tolerance of marimo balls to these chemicals? So far, I've completed a course of tetracycline, but after a relapse am now using Api's Bettafix, an all natural product, 2% melaleuca (tea tree oil) .... </p>
<p>I would wait until the fish is healthy to place the marimo in the tank. Marimo work great with betas!</p>
<p>can you help? I just got a marmio ball today, and I know nothing about them.</p>
<p>hi! I have three marimo balls and two of them appear to be budding. I know this is how they reproduce however im wondering if they need any help with it. Should i separate the balls from their buds or will they do it themselves?</p>
<p>Hi my small marimo ball , that I just bought isn't actually well shaped , can I do something to make him more ball shaped ? , and also bought it to put in the tank of my triops and would like to know if it is bad that he'll need to be put in demineralized water ? btw thank you for the very interesting page you wrote about marimo balls :)</p>
<p>hi</p><p>My small Marimo ball seems to crack. I tried rolling it back to round shape but now it seems to have white spot at the crack area. Is it sick? How do I save my marimo?</p>
<p>this has happened to my marimo ball before, its a different algae that will harm and eat your marimo ball and it will die. what I would recommend is to clean the spot gently then pick the remaining white dots out with tweezers. after just roll it around in your hand to get its roundness back. lastly just put it in a bowl filled with water. the bowl is going to help see if its doing well and it will be its little hospital room :) </p>
My marimos are living happy and healthy lives. The big ones sometimes get a little irregular and clump of little pieces but don't be alarmed. That just means that you have another marimo, roll the little one up and wait (this is a slow process) for the marimo to fully connect itself. Please don't leave your marimo outside, try to mimic (to the best of your ability) their real habitat, which is the bottom of a lake, this way your marimo will live a long and joyous life.
<p>Hi, I've had a marimo ball for a few months. I bought it highly reccomended for my fish tank to oxygenate the water. I have a five gallon tank and a goldfish. Recently my marimo ball opened up, and is getting less ball like by the week. Does my fish have anything to do with this? can I get it back to a ball?</p>
<p>if it splits like that it probably means that the ball is stressed by the fish around it. some marimo (although its considered strange to think of it this way)prefer to be in lone tanks, like a small fish bowl with no fish.<br>Id recommend splitting up the two parts and rerolling them into two separate marimo balls. after doing so you should keep them in a fridge for a couple of weeks changing their water regularly until you can roll them and they feel sturdy enough to go back into a tank.</p>
My marimo is falling apart and turning brown and I'm not sure why!
<p>A parasite,sickness,or lack of clean water or enough sun may be causing the deterioration of the marimo.</p>
Most likely it needs to be clean use fish safe water put it under the water and squeeze it
Can you show me some good pics of it?
<p>A marimo will float around in a tank by itself because it does photosynthesis and produces oxygen which causes changes with density and makes it float around for some time.</p>
<p>how do i get them to stay on the bottom of my tank?</p>
<p>I don't know mine floats also</p>
Take a fork or spoon press it to bottom.for a day.possible you squeece it dry
<p>help mines floating how do I make it sink</p>
<p>Goldfish are small members of the carp family and will eat algae regardless of its shape,round or otherwise. I would not recommend keeping them in the same tank.</p><p>To fix your marimo ball gently role it back into a ball shape with your hands. there are several YouTube videos that will show you how to do this properly without harming your marimo ball. even if your algae loses its ball shape it will most likely survive,because in the wild they grow as both a ball form and as a large mat on lake bottoms. Search <strong>&quot;How to propagate marimo balls&quot; </strong> and <strong>&quot;marimo ball care&quot;</strong> on youtube for great info.</p>
Hell no. Most of this information is wrong.<br>1) marimo need about 30 min intervals of sun for 2 hours a day. They need COLD (28&bull;-32&bull;) and it needs to be changed weekly.<br>2)if a marimo is grey, bathe it in cold water and gently remove the grey areas.<br>3) MARIMO NEED LOTS OF CARE! They can get depressed. They do need care, unlike what the entry says.<br><br>Proud owner of HEALTHY marimo for over 3 years.
Actually I have over 10 extremely healthy marimo balls ( including a grapefruit sized one) that I have had for over 4 years, and this is research from these last years.<br>They don't have to have light, <br> they can but it is not necessary.Marimo are one of the easiest freshwater &quot;plants&quot; you can have, and they don't get depressed, they are algae and not animals.
Couple questions.<br>What do I need to do at night for light do I need to keep one on?<br>How often do I need to make &quot;waves&quot; in the water for my Marimo?
Hi! Actually I have had marimo for over 4 years and they grow fine with minimal light because naturally they grow in deep water without light.And also you can just move the marimo around and its fine!
You can take them out and roll them. And at night you do not have to put light on them. And give them cold water. Trust me :) mine are healthy and happy.
Hi, I've been researching Marimos and would like to buy them. Are there any shops in Thailand which sells these? <br><br>Thank you
<p>Hi Jake<br>Yes if you go to chatuchak market. You will find Marimosa plants in the fish/pets section.</p>
Hello :3 I just got a moss ball yesterday as a birthday present. And I really want to take very good care of him. So I have questions to ask. So you can keep them in a jar with the lid on and they will be fine? They don't need air? And if I want more of them without hurting him? Like do they have babies? Like one day ill see a bunch of tiny babies next to it? And they will be fine if Iput them on a window where they will get direct sunlight for most of the morning or is that too much sunlight? Because I live down in texas where it gets really hot. I really want to take good care of my moss ball and make him big, fat, and happy. :3 so can you please help me? :C

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