How to Take Screen Shots


Introduction: How to Take Screen Shots

OK, i will show you how to take screen shot.
(this is my first instructble _)

Step 1: Firt You Need...

1.a photobucket account or you can just go to
2.a paint program

Step 2: Ok Now...

find the prt sc sys rq button... ya i know never head of it but it is their!
look at the pictures for help

Step 3: Congrads!!!

you found the button!!! right? toke me and hour T_T well lets keep going next open your paint program. For most people its a jar with paint brushes in it look in your programs to find it.
after that all you have to do is preses past and wala! your pic appears!!!

Step 4: Now You Have to Go To...

now go to your image hoster and upload it and show every one you good work!!!



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    真巧 我们也是

    In Mac is easier: Command+Shift+3 Capture entire screen and save as a file Command+Control+Shift+3 Capture entire screen and copy to the clipboard Command+Shift+4 Capture dragged area and save as a file Command+Control+Shift+4 Capture dragged area and copy to the clipboard Command+Shift+4 then Space bar Capture a window, menu, desktop icon, or the menu bar and save as a file Command+Control+Shift+4 then Space bar Capture a window, menu, desktop icon, or the menu bar and copy to the clipboard Or use the Apple Grab Application that comes with MacOS 10. I am replaying to a Mar 23 reply? I'm bored.

    I already knew how to take a screenshot.. I just came to say I have a desktop very very similar to yours :)


    here a proper instructables on how-to take a screenshot.
    1) Locate the key called "PrintScreen" or "Prt Sc" on your keyboard. this key, is generally placed just on the side of the "f12" key.
    2) Press this key
    3) At the bottom of your screen, locate "start". press this button, go to "all programs" or "program". take a look to "accessory"(sorry for the spelling, im french.) and click on "Paint" or "Ms. Paint"
    4) go to 4a OR 4b.
    4a) press the key on your keyboard "CTRL" or "Control". generaly this key is on the bottom left of your keyboard. Hold it, and press V. releash all the key.
    4b) click "edit" on the top left corner, then click "Paste".
    5) click File, on the top left corner, then click "save as.."
    6) change the file type to "jpeg" or "jpg", and give a name to your pictures on the "filename:" field. take a look to the folder you are saving your pictures at. press the "save!" button.
    7) Voila! your screenshot is taken and you can now send it to your friend!

    if you want to host the pictures over the internet, so other ppl can see it more quickly, go to "". its easy to do, you will understand!

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    welll if you want to fix it so bad go make ur own


    yeah so you would be able to come and say "already posted n00bZ!"

    this picture is already on the internet

    Eveny bitchy 13 year old americans know this...

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    What is that supposed to mean?

    Please correct things like this:
    "ya i know never head of it but it is their"
    "Yes I know you have never heard of this but it is there"?
    I have heard of this, but as mtxe you could add that ALT-PrtScn copies only the active window to the clipboard. And you can paste into any doccument that will take it, inc. MS Word for example.

    It's a relatively useful bit of knowledge to convey to people who didn't know it. And your pictures are usefully ok as well. You might want to mention that this is for Windows-based computers; people could spend far longer than a hour looking for the Prt Scr button on their Mac keyboard. But.. chat room typing shortcuts don't belong in an instructable; it would be nice if you went back and made most of the words had all the right letters in them. (I'll let you get away with "pics." But "pain" for "paint" and "preses past" for "press paste" might actually lead people astray, and "their" for "there" is a personal pet peeve, and... etc. (Hmm. I don't know how to spell "wala", either.)

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    it's "voila"

    Does anyone not know how to do this, already?

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    X2 but for the few just learning... try Alt + PrtSc... :)

    KK thanks for the tips!

    whats your slayer level?

    Not bad for a first one, you may have to look at your spelling as I am a bit worried I will need a PAIN program in Step one, I am visualising spikes coming out of the screen or something at the moment:-) I think you mean a Paint or graphics program