I have a dog, and I know how hard it is to teach him how to sit ,so I decided to share my experience with you

Step 1: Materials

you will need
-some treats
-and of corse a dog

treats could be anything like his food or a bone or anything he likes

Step 2: How to Behave

you will need to spend some time with your dog to let him know that you are his owner
then you will need to give him a treat when ever he soes something good and ignore it
and when the dog is about to sit
say the word ( sit ) and give him a treat

Step 3: Finaly

I have 2 dogs and I taught them how to sit and it worked out well

hope it works with you and always remember that wvery dog can be taught but you have to do it the right way

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What kind of dog is the small one
<p>golden retriever </p>

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