Everything i do is left handed .From writing to bowling,throwing a baseball,eating,shooting a gun. I am perfectly happy with it except i cant stand my hand writing. It looks like a 3 year old. ....I have found that using a rubber band to hold the pencil steady and keeps the pencil in the right spot in the hand really helps you write.

Step 1: Adversities of Writing Left Handed

# (1) the first picture shows that a left hand writer has to have the binder on the right hand side.

#(2) if you ever have noticed when writing right handed, the letters automatically are leaning to the right which is the proper place for them. To get the letters to do that with a left hander you have to bend your wrist and turn the paper at a high angle to achieve this.If not your letters will be either straight up and and down or leaning to the left. And that is what makes a left handed writing look horrible .

#(3) since you write from left to right .your hand constantly is dragged across what you just wrote leaving lead stains on the bottom of your hand.

Step 2: My Writing

Here shows my everyday hand writing .

Step 3: Writing With My Right Hand With the Aid of a Rubber Band.

(1) shows me using the rubber band to write right handed .

(2) the top set of names is written right handed without the rubber band . You can see the improvement already just having the letters all going in the right direction . The bottom set of names i used the rubber band . Its shows a even greater improvement from the stability of the pencil and the rubber band together.

<p>did you know, a person can write with their opposite hand backwards as well (or almost) as they can with their good hand forwards, try it</p>
<p>I just tried it too, but it turned out pretty badly.</p>
<p>I just tried it and you are right </p>
<p>I'm left handed too!! LEFT HANDERS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!</p>
<p>Woooow, i'll give it a shot!</p>
Maybe I can use this so I can learn to write with both hands!
<p>Lol, I want to try that</p>
I thought I was the only one with this problem<br>Thanks a lot
I voted for u
<p>thank you</p>
I'm a righty and my writing still looks like a 3 year olds :(
<p>excellent! im a lefty too and agree 100% with what you said.i will surely give this a shot,thank you for sharing!</p>
<p>your very welcome</p>

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