here is an easy way to throw playing cards at almost 70 mph

Step 1: what you need

just a box of playing cards i got em from the dollar store
you can find more tutorial <a href="http://okartah.net/index.php?topic=63.0">here</a>. Best cards for throw <a href="http://cardician.ru/shop/CID_16.html">Bicycle</a>
I found another wrist technique http://howtohacklife101.blogspot.com/2011/05/how-to-throw-playing-card.html
that sucks it does not work<br><br><br>mine is sooooooooooo much better<br>
Hahah I&nbsp;think I&nbsp;hit my room mate like 80 times in the face doing that&nbsp;:&nbsp;)&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <a href="http://www.custom-playing-cardss.com">www.custom-playing-cardss.com</a><br />
The level of difficulty astounds me.
Nice! It could have been explained a Lil better though : ( <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.customplayingcardss.com">http://www.customplayingcardss.com</a><br/>
I throw a little diffrently and my way is a little better but nice instructable!
i would like to hear of your better way. please. as for the instructable, it could have a better explanation. for example: do you hold the card in the tip of your fingers? do you move your entire arm or just your wrist? and is there a way to throw with a curve?
After you acquire the knack you can throw a lot more than playing cards :). Last Friday night, I stuck a paper coaster into a tree :)!
I gave my friend a nice bruise throwing a cookie at him.
I gave my friend an absolutely fantastic flesh wound throwing a shuriken at him :)
mine drew blood! it was funny as hell :P
can you plz make a vid of your hand throwing the card your card was graceful and accurate mine was clumsy and downright hyperactive...
erm...perhaps you could post a more informative video...I think you should perhaps post a video showing how to hold it and throw it because...uh...I don't quite understand, so I'd like either more pictures or a video that shows you throwing a card...
i no this isn't good to say but...please try out my tutorial. :)
I can't throw that way worth crap. holding it between my middle and ring finger works so much better.
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Grammar Nazi strikes again XD
yeah just as a by the way a card can cut pretty easy all u need is to hit with the edge and it cuts prety damn good. my friend was great at throwing cards and he could make it cut like one in twenty or so cuz its really hard to get the aiming just right.... but yeah ty for this unstructable i love throwing cards.. need to practice..
For one, you cant break skin at 70 mph unless its a freak papercut accident. Watch the Mythbusters episode and throwing cards.
mythbusters is awsome, and i saw that episode. there was some random guy who wrote a book teaching people how to use playing cards in self defense......
He's not some random guy, he's a world renowned magician called Ricky Jay.
fair enough.....
Just because he's world renowned doesnt mean he's right ;)
While you make a good point, Mythbuster show is not always accurate.
They are more accurate then this kid though
I cant bring cards to school anymore,nuff said
Ohhh yeah I bet...
haha they really did that ??
People people people. Look. If anyone here is in high school or even middle school then you probably hear the kids saying "lol" or "omg". You cant expect everyone to live up to your standards. If you have a problem understanding someone than email them or ask them, but don't criticize someone for using daily common internet lingo. As for me, I have a real question. When you say the top of the card, do you mean where the number of the card would be? Almost holding a card normally in your hand but turn it around in between your fingers?
Yes, exactly.Wrap your fingers around the top of the card, more or less concealing it, and grasp the card(if face up, right where the number is) with your fingers. I actually found that holding the card the same way, except lengthwise, works a lot better.I've been doing this a long time, I have drawn blood and I have chopped a banana in half. I found that holding it lengthwise, the speed and accuracy is greatly increased. I actually carry a deck of cards with me just in case I need them. Imagine getting struck by 52 of those! Good luck! Keep practicing. In no time at all, you will too be drawing blood!
im in middle school and I know lots of kids in highschool and they dont say lol or omg. And im just on the website for the exploding things.
i used to throw bicycles!!! now i have moved on plastic cards, i put holes in my walls :( i hope no one notices... ps i have as well cut people with playing cards from a distance of 30 feet and up, do not doubt your skill... it grows with the force!!!
Dude! when my friend threw a card at me using this technique and it gave me a cut on my nose<br/>! =D<br/>
Ricky jay was on Mythbusters
70 mph? Did you chronograph it? Or is that just what you've heard? I (and I've been throwing cards for about a year) can look and tell you that the card you threw almost positively wasn't going at 70 mph. It actually was kinda slow. Other people might be able to get the card at a higher speed, but not with only two minutes of practice. No offense, I just don't care for wrong info.
EDIT: Sorry about the 2 min. thing, wrong instructable. People just need to know they can't do it perfect right off the bat.
typing u is faster and normal people can read it. And now i have to waste time telling you this Mr. Prefect.
holy shiz!
Well, I <em>Tried for an hour, but no bannana!</em><br/>
mabey i dnt know. and just ignore that jerk hoefer. he's not worth an introduction or worth the trouble. :) great instructable btw. :}
why does everyone care about spelling why cant you just enjoy this awsome instructable because thers more comments about spelling than there is about this instructable so only post comments about the instuctable not spelling it makes them hard to read.
if you cant understand something like "u" or "r" then you should seek some help :) k thx <3 ttyl
and you shouldnt be here, this is overall still a geek community
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Most of these comments have nothing to do with throwing cards, and the video is not even close to 70 mph. It's more like 20-25 mph.

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