Picture of How to Tie a Fire-escape Knot
This knot is used by firemen in case of fires, for example imagine a scene where the ladder on the firetruck messes up, but people need to get down a five story building or more. All they have is a long piece of rope, they can safely get down with a secure knot like the fire-escape knot. So, why not learn it, it's easy to do, and hard to untie if you tie it tightly.

This is from the American Boys Handbook.
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Step 1: Get Your Rope

Picture of Get Your Rope
First grab a piece of rope, and bend it like this to make a loop in it. Follow every step to the smallest detail.

Step 2: Twist the Rope

Picture of Twist the Rope
Now make a twist like this, and hold it together.

Step 3: Pull Through the Twist

Picture of Pull Through the Twist
Pull the loop through the twist you just made, from underneath.

Step 4: Go Over the Split End

Picture of Go Over the Split End
Now pull the tail through the loop.

Step 5: Finally

Picture of Finally
And finally just pull it through as pictured below.

Congratulations you just learned the fire-escape knot.

Step 6: Same Name, Not Knot

Picture of Same Name, Not Knot
This is another knot called the fire-escape knot, this shouldn't be your result.