i will show you how to tie a shoe.
simple as that. no joke.

Step 1: Step 1

first cross the laces

Step 2: Step 2

then take one one lace and go under the laces

Step 3: Step Three

and then pull the two strings and make a loop

Step 4: Step 4

then wrap the other string around the loop once thene go under it with th middle of the string

Step 5: Step 5

pull both of the loops

now you are a shoe tier!

sorry no photo
i just have dc shoes and dont tie them i tuck them in my shoe velcro is for babies though
I'll stick to Velcro, this looks far too difficult.
Yeah I agree with Vitruvian8807. The Instructables he made is lacking. Could be made more clear with correct grammar and spell check. Could have been done better. Velcro what a wonderful invention.
just shutt up
please reply
Cool! What will your next instructable be?
it might be how to make a ductape wallet but alot of people already did that so im still thinking

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