this instructable shows you how to, well... tie a slip knot with one hand!
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Step 3: Step three

Picture of step three
what you just did should look like this.

Step 4: Step four

Picture of step four
push the loop down with your thumb then it will kinda look like a pretzel.
rlove43 years ago
Good one TKT, but it would be useful to know a one handed knot that tied two things together tightly, a ladder to a car roof rack let's say. Do you know of a slip knot that can be tied one-handed? I can tie a bowline one-handed but that's not the tightest of fixings. The only other way round it that I can think of is tie a loop at one end of the line and measure around the two items then tie anoher loop on the other end so the line is just a bit short to go round then finish by joining the two loops with a cable-tie.
TheKnotTier (author)  rlove43 years ago
this knot is kinda just for fun
joey993 years ago
TheKnotTier (author)  joey993 years ago
i dont have any on istructables that i know
TheKnotTier (author) 3 years ago