Picture of how to tie your shoes
this will show the simple way on how to tie your shoes

if you like it here's where i found the pics:
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Step 1: The "ian knot"

Picture of the "ian knot"
Give a general description of the Stepjust follow the pics and you will know how to tie your shoes with the simplest knot
jaslo3 years ago
I have been using "Ian's Secure Shoelace knot" from the same site for years. I think it's a lot better than the one you show here (and Ian recommends it too!).
its looks great, id look at others tied shoes and wonder "whys that look so clean and nice"? im guna give this a try and hopfully this new trick will give me an edge, thanks
monkey6665 years ago
Simple and easy, Great instructible and thank you because i can now tie by shoe. It's really embaresing but i havent known how to till now.