Introduction: Touchscreen EEE for < $50! Without Soldering!

Picture of Touchscreen EEE  for < $50! Without Soldering!

want a touchscreen, bluetooth, other random stuff in your eeepc but dont know how to solder and got a budget to stick to ???

ill show you how :)

cost: ~ $46.24 ( you might have some of the parts on hand)
difficulty: ( not to bad )
time: ~2hrs - 5hrs ( depending on your skill, and whether or not you already have windows installed)

result: super mega freaking awesome :D

now for the disclaimer!!
for the love of orange juice please be safe if you don't wear approved personal safety equipment (including safety glasses) while doing this you are a fool. I am not responsible for anything you do whether you set fire to yourself while grinding the metal (yes i have done this) or your pc, laptop, house, cat, girlfriend explodes as a result of making or using this. If you are stupid and kill yourself or any one else i DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT.
it will void your warranty :)

oh and the spelling and grammer? im dyslexic, no one is forcing you to read this and remember that We have a "be nice" comment policy.

Step 1: Get Yo Hack ON!!!

Picture of Get Yo Hack ON!!!

what your going to need.

7" USB Plug-n-Play Touch Screen Digitizer for Asus Eee PC 701 UMPC Laptops $37.50usd
Super Mini Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter Dongle $4.50usd
Super Mini Retractable Metal Stylus with Strap$1.95usd
World Smallest Transflash TF / MicroSD USB 2.0 Card Reader Keychain$2.28usd
total: $46.24*
*all prices include wold shipping, and in USD

double sided tape ( to hold the circuit board to the motherboard of the EEE) ~$2aud ( coles / safeway)

duck/duct tape to hold wires and screen in place ~ $5aud ( coles/ safeway)

oh and you will need a ASUS EEE 701, ( i have seen these go on ebay for as low as $90AUD)

windows xp ( had it left over from a pc i started, but you can be creative how you get it) free to ~$150

you yanks can get memory cheep, but we cant.
so for those of us who will need storage to put in it
here are some memory cards at a ok price. here. 8gb for about 15usd

Step 2: Its Getting Hot in Here, So Take You Case Off? Updated

Picture of Its Getting Hot in Here, So Take You Case Off? Updated

follow this link to find instructions on how to disassemble your EEE pc

the reason why i link to this guide is because its very good and i couldn't do a better job.

Step 3: And So I Told It Where to Go!!!

Picture of And So I Told It Where to Go!!!

this was the hardest and most time consuming part.
and yet ... oh so fun!

the main part to do here is find a place where you can put the controller + hub circuit board.

take a look at the pictures to get the idea, ( the notes on the images are important)

you will want to use tape to hold the wires down.

Step 4: Get Redy to Mount the Screen.

Picture of Get Redy to Mount the Screen.

now. look close at the, notice how the orange cable comes out of one side of the screen ??
that is the "top" , so to re- the side with the cable coming out of it is the touch sensitive side.
this is very important.

now i was happily progressing thorough this hack, and the i got to the screen. and suddenly it hit me ... i had no way of mounting the screen. so like any self respecting Australian male, i used tape :)

then connect the cable from the touch panel to the extension cable from the controller

now i confess. i didnt take photos of this part,

on the screen bezel ( the part with the speaker grills that goes around the screen.) there are 4 or 5 tabs that are designed to click on to the LCD but as we have mounted another sheet of glass on top of the lcd, snap them off. or it wont close.

now close it up, just do what you did to take it apart but in reverse !

Step 5: Now Get Reddy for Con-fusion!

Picture of Now Get Reddy for Con-fusion!

why do i say that ???
well you see, no matter how hard i tried i could not get it to work.
turns out that for some reason the EEE had decided to disable the web-cam port ( what our gear is now plugged into.)

so i couldn't get it to work for 3 days !!!!

so just make sure that you have turned it on, ( its under " on-board device configuration" in the bios, you get there by pressing f2 at the asus start up screen)
then save and exit, it will restart,
log in to windows.
do a little dance and proceed to the next step!

Step 6: Now for the Fun :)

Picture of Now for the Fun :)

the drivers that i got on the cd for some reason did not work. i have no idea why, but they didn't work, so i went out and downloaded every driver for a touch screen i could find. ( sure i could have asked DX to post me a new driver cd, and they would. but it could take 2 weeks!!)

i went through hundreds of drivers.
but i found the one that works with the touch screen i bought.

i have uploaded the correct driver and i am hosting it my self so that i can guarantee that it works and the link wont die...

just run through the installer, reboot. then you will have to calibrate the touch panel.

Step 7: Its Over !

Picture of Its Over !

now go out there and impress the ladies with your new touchscreen, bluetooth enabled, and huge storage capacity EEE pc !!

all without touching a soldering iron ( see what i did there )

i plan to add some more pics later,

any comments on what i should add/subtract please leave them in the comments, thanks :P



topstuff (author)2015-07-09

Hi Luke,

I just realised I have one of these, and decided I am bored and give it a go.

I had read that you can install a 2nd SSD drive in "some" of these models.. I guess that would be better for storage yeah? I have no idea what type of SSD drive, finding it bit difficult to find definitive details.

I have an inbuilt webcam, so does that mean I will need to sacrifice the cam in order to use it as a power source yeah?

Not sure if you will respond, its only been 6+ years since you wrote this!

Great work.


luke (author)topstuff2015-07-12

Hey mate, yeah time flys! I had to reset my password to even log in!
You have a few main options
Ok so if you want to install a SSD you might end up sacrificing your WIFI card to use the mini PCI slot you can get SSD's that plug straight into these ports, you could then use a USB wifi adapter for all your wifi needs, but this hardly competes with carrying a large capacity USB drive

However the way I would go about it would be to temporarily disconnect the web cam, connect (solder) a USB hub to the webcam port and then wire the webcam a port on the USB hub and then connect a USB flash drive to the hub to use as storage.
Any more questions just comment back :)

topstuff (author)luke2015-07-12

Hey thanks for the quick reply!!!!

I think I can just plug a 2nd SSD drive straight in.. According to this:

When I opened the tray in the back to plug in a larger ram, theres a big open space, I think I can just put it there.. just had no idea of what "type" of SSD drive I should find off ebay.. ;-)
The other issue I have.. is for the life of me, I cant update the BIOS.. why do I want to do this? Because I know others can!
Ive installed XP (slimmed down with nlite, and then tweaked using tweakhound) and its seriously responsive.. I am in shock! I digress, in regards to bios update:
a) Used unetbootin to create a freedos bootdisk, put afudos and 0802 bios, renamed to 701.ROM, it says its updating and didnt do jack.
b) Tried ASUS update tool nothing

Happen to come across this issue?

I am going to order the same touchscreen as yours.. as I dont want to solder..

Touchscreen & 2nd SSD would be awesome.. !!
By the way.. check this out.. wow :o

Thanks mate again, any further guidance on type of SSD and bios update would be appreciated..

topstuff (author)topstuff2015-07-13

Hi Luke,

Was able to flash bios.. It seems the bios for 701SD xp or linux from ASUS support is wrong OR its older than what I already had on laptop so wouldnt accept..
From, I can see theres another site for BIOS (, although inactive I found it in webcache (, and realised I had the latest 1302 bios version..

So my questions to you if I may..
1. Do you know definitively if I can just plug in an SSD drive? Just any old kind of SSD drive eh?
2. For the touch screen, do I need to forfeit the internal camera, or will there be enough USB inputs on the USB based touchscreen for the cam to?

I bought another 701 off ebay, I could not help it (it had 2GB ram), so I am getting serious!

Thanks again!!!

Flash635 (author)2012-03-19

20/03/2012 Big W has USB memory sticks for $8 for 8G and $16 for 16G.

yaly (author)2011-08-25

the reader isn't the smallest in the world my dad has one from Kingston that is even smaller and that touch screen is an enlarged version of Nintendo DS touch layer and that blue-tooth adapter is way cheaper than the price in the link.

a cookie (author)2010-11-09

dang this is so cool u r AWESOME now im gonna to do the same thing with the ibook

airadier (author)2010-06-12

The disassemble link is broken, but you can use this instead:

luke (author)airadier2010-06-12

thanks :)

A.C.E. (author)2009-12-02

Hey Luke im putting mac leopard 10.5.5 on my asus eee pc using the bios flashing method, but im wondering why you would have to switch out the wireless card.  There is a utility that makes osx think the the wireless card is really ethernet so unless you REALLY need the tiny bit of range the new card might get you its not really worth it.

skooled (author)A.C.E.2010-04-06

 is there a link to this installation?

luke (author)A.C.E.2009-12-02

 when i wrote this i dont think that was out. but that sounds very cool let me know how the install goes !
atm mine is running debian lenny, the touchscreen well it got left in the sun and the top sheet expanded faster than the bottom and it cracked. 
i dont have the money or time to replace it. 
so it runs linux as my other pc, 

SpiroExDeus (author)2010-02-25

Hi. Re: Your comment on spelling and Grammar. If you want me to do a full spelling check on your instructables before/just after you post them I'm willing to do that. Just message me.

It just makes it easier to read...

and yes, I am serious.

bunnykill100 (author)2008-12-25

Hey Luke!

This was probably one of the best tutorials I've ever seen!

It was practical, doable by literally anybody, you even provided links to EVERYTHING! Good job!

One thing, though!

The link to the external website that you said explains how to dissasemble your EEEpc?

gives an "access denied" error!

Btw, I found out about dealextreme a few days ago, and it has enough parts there to do virtually anything with anything! You could make both of the DS's screens touch-screens, or, in your case, make a itty-bitty-teeny-weeny asus EEEPC do everything it could possibly do!

A few tips on your tutorial:

because you're making a tutorial that messes with the innards of a computer, it would be really smart of you to:
-Write out all the steps in order, this means writing "ground yourself so you don't accidentally short something with static electricty" at the TOP, along with all the other tips you had, like using tape so it wouldn't short-circuit.
-Make everything clear and understandable (your grammar and spelling were fine), in other words, make sure that there isn't a single part of a single sentence that could be misunderstood or misleading or confusing, because then somebody could screw up their EEEpc

But great job, and I look forward to your next one!

I, may be getting an inspiron mini 9 laptop if my sister, who's going to college next year, doesn't want it, so I won't be able to put al your kewl hacks to work :(

btw, if you ever consider getting a newer netbook, may I recommend the mini 9? it's perfect if you want the form-factor of teh EEEPC (fits in a purse, etc.), but also want to be able to watch videos and chat and type stories or whatnot (as long as you don't kill yourself over the keyboard arrangment - if you want a big keyboard, the HP mini 1000 is the way to go - but it's mouse buttons could also kill you).

So far, there hasn't been a SINGLY perfect netbook. if dell had copied HP and stretched their keyboard out to cover the entirety of the lower half of the netbook, they would have been at the top. I'm sure that if they had kepy the function keys mapped to the second row of letter keys, the keyboard could easily have been 90% full size, WITHOUT PUTTING THE PERIOD AND COMMA ON THE WRONG ROW!


well, thanks again, I really got a lot out of your tutorial (WITHOUT SOLDERING!!! OMG I LOVE YO!U!!!1!!!!111111!!!!!!1!ELEVENTY!)

luke (author)bunnykill1002008-12-25

thanks for your comment :D i have been looking around and keeping a eye on the netbook market. when i first laid eyes on the asus eee 701 ( i think it was on in December 07 i knew it had to have it, then when it was released in Australia i grabbed me one! i dont realy like the "look & feel" of the dell mini9, i have to say that i am leaning towards the acer one ( even tho its a acer :S ) oh and there is no reason why you cant hack your mini9 if you get it, sure it might be a bit harder but thats no reason to not do it. i my self have done many hard hacks ( to many to post on instructables, yet :P ) you just have to think of the cool possibility, you could put in the harddrive from a old ipod so you can store more movies,music and games, you could add the recever from a wireless mouse so that you dont have to plug it in all the time, maybe if your game you could replace the keybord ? as far to say that there has not been a perfect notebook. i tent to agree with you. i was kicking around a idea of modding the case of the EEE so that the screen is removeabel and can be placed "upside down" to turn it into a tablet, but then when you no longer want to use it as a tablet you un-click the screen and attach it as it were a normal laptop. i have spent many hours building prototypes and CAD drawings, most of witch just get thrown away from frustration :P what are your thoughts on this ?

bunnykill100 (author)luke2008-12-25


I went with the mini 9 for a few reasons. It has a good batery (3 hours or so), the keyboard (letter keys) are pretty big. it has a 9" screen (I prefer 9" over 10.2 or 7, because the former is a bit too big, and the later is too smalL!), and is the MOST configurable netbook out of the bunch.

u can get bluetooth, a camera, and customize the ram/operating system/SSD as much as you want.

also, if you want to add mroe RAM or screw around with the graphics card, etc., it's EXTREMELY easy. you can just pop of the back and u have immediate access to teh SSD, RAM, and card that connects you to cell-phone towers (you'd have ot provide it yoruself).

also, I got it for under 280 bucks, which is a REALY deal nowadays (with a camera).

if I could pick ANY netbook config I wanted, I'd go with eh acer aspire one with a 6 cell battery. However, it's RIDICULOUSLY expensive - the chepapest I found was just over 300 bucks (refurb), and another 100 or so for a 6-cel battery! (otherwise, it has like 2 hours of battery TOPS)

Anyways, I wudn't want to screw around with a mini 9 because it's pretty damn good already and it's not as "basic" as the eepc - in other words, the eepc REALLY benefits from a touchscreen with it's tiny keyboard and small touchpad, whereas the mini 9 has a nice big screen with a gloss finish (it's quite beautiful), and has pretty much all the options you'd want in a netbook. I'm not saying a touchscreen wouldn't be awsome, but I'm not an experienced "hardware hacker" - I'm more in buying stuff _

also, I prefer SSD over HD because SSD don't fail unless you physiucally break them or otherwise force them to break, and unless they're defective, they will always outlive the laptop they're in. also, they don't run hot or looud, in fact, they don't produce any heat at all, and are 100% silent.

idk abouit other models, but the mini 9 has an SDHC slot, and i have 3 4gb SDHC cards, an 8gb SDHC (class 6), and TWELVE (12) 2gb sd cards (I got 'em from woot for a BREAKNECK price - I'm a thrifty kinda guy, if something is REALLY Cheap, I buy it).

because of htis, I can have as much memory as I want, and for 20 bucks, I can upgrade to 2gb of RAM, and it has windows xp

I wouldn't dare mod the keyboard, because if I broke it, I'd be COMPLETELY screwed up the ass. my moto is that if something works, and you'd prefer it working the way it is to it being broken, then don't fix it (in other words, with the eepc, it's cheap (u can get em REALLY cheap refurb and/or used), it's small, it's the most basic one you can buy, so u mite as well make it better.

anyways, nice talking to you, and nice hearing back from you so quickly!!

I can imagine that sort of thing would be frustrating!

if you really want ot pique ppl's interests, I recommend you take one of the most popular, cheapest netbooks, like the HP mini 1000 or dell mini 9, and make a really long, detailed video of how ot upgrade them completely.

OR, just do the same thing with your eeepc! (unless you don't wan tot crack it open again!)

you'd get a LOT more response if people could run through a video that shows everything step by step (it helps if you have a nice camcorder and/or camera), because just looking at pictures and reading text isn't quite good enough, IMO, to get people to really go out on a limb and do this stuff.

BTW: stuff like adding bluetooth and the card reader are non-intrusive, so I htink you should make it clear that for those things, you just have to plug 'em in (I also know somebody that makes a hobby out of buying laptops, and "installing" card readers and touchscreens, and selling them for as much as 2-3 times as much!).

Have a nice day!


luke (author)bunnykill1002008-12-27

hey david, i think that after breakfast today im going to break out a camera and tripod, open up my eee and start again, and do what you sejusted,
there are a few things i think i could do better (mod wise) as i just got my hands on some "high temperature tape" that should be much nicer than duct tape !

i have to say hearing you talk about the dell mini 9 has changed my mind about it, i have to say i think i was being a bit predisposed towards dell, coming from my past experience with there laptops.

what you friend does sounds very interesting, i had thought that if the idea of a touchscreen EEE 701 became realy popular i would buy the laptops, modd them and then on sell them to those who dont have the "know how" to do it them selves

i think somewhere i have seen cheep usb GPS's and in car charges, so maybe that could be something cool to do.

one thing i thought is interesting is that you sejustede a video.. but thats realy odd as i feel that if i was to do this modd my self, there is no way i would go and find a video of how to do it. i would be hanging out for a guide, no idea why, i just think ( in my subconscious ) that if its written its bound to be better ( dam you school teachers for drilling this into my head )

also one thing i should update the instructable with is that to change the devices pluged into the "usb ports" is just open the 2 screws on the ram door !!!

im off to have breakfast, have a good day and a fantastic new year !

bunnykill100 (author)luke2008-12-27

Happy new year to you to! You said: "i think somewhere i have seen cheep usb GPS's and in car charges" what do you mean by "charges", exactly? USB-connectable GPS units are indeed cheap and easy to come by. I'm sure that you could make a simple screw-in mount in a car for the eepc, and use it as a touch-screen GPS nav unit - that would be amazing! if you do this, a couple of tips: -the mount could just be a bunch of insulated metal (so it doesn't overheat) with a couple of clamps that push from adjacent sides to hold it in place, and a piece of metal that can be adjusted that will hold the screen up, so when you push on it it doesn't collapse. I mentioned a video because if you keep a camera running throughout the whole process, you could, if you wanted, also cut and paste together the parts of the video that really mattered (get rid of all of the taping and connecting parts, and just include the parts where you SAY "connect this" or "tape that"), but if you have photos of everything, I'm sure people WOULD like that more - it's easier to understand, but I've always found videos of stuff to be reasurring, somehow. if you get stuck on a step, with a video, you can watch it again, and there's thousands upon thousands of pictures every minute that you can look at. Anyway, let me know how it goes! P.S.: I'm glad I swayed you about the inspiron - what past experience did you have with dell that turned you off about them? The main drawback ot the inspiron is that it's not good for typing long emails or stories or poems or anything of the sort, but you can get built in blutooth for 20 bucks, and just buy a 30 dollar full-sized collapsable external keyboard (they collapse to about the size of a deck of cards) Cheers, mate! sincerly, David

luke (author)bunnykill1002008-12-29

well charges that plug into the 12v cigerret lightre plug in a car, so that you can run it off the electrics of the car

i like your idea of a in-car-mount, but i think i should get a car first :P but so far a bike is doing me good :D mind you, not the coolest way to get around !

i have recorede a video and im in the final stages of editing it ( fun fun fun :( )

but i had a horrable thought...
i have a old / dead wireless router around the place ( more than one im ashamed to say ) and im thinking of doing this

could be a fun way to get my self into some trouble :D ( im booting a ... fun ... flavour of linux from a SD card , no touch screen support )
but i think some of the more adventures / expensive additions might have to be put on hold, ( life calls , you gotta answer )

i volenterd to fix a friends dell. and wow... not very fun at all i guess i was swayed by all that explodeing battey stuff. but it was the sony cells in the dell battery ( and other brands, apple sony and others ) that where at fault so yeah

btw you might get a kick out of this, one of my close friends is now looking to buy a netbook and so i got him to read this instructable.

so im watenig for my 8gb micro sd card from DX so i can install more OS's

if you can get 30$ bluetooth keybords you are the MAN! over here a bluetooth keybord is about 120 to 150 aud, and there the cheep ones. let alone if you can find a place that sells them, dam you newegg and W00T for not shipping to aus!!!
the best we have is

have a good one :D
best regards

A.C.E. (author)luke2009-12-02

hey luke.. I THINK THE LINK ONLY WORKS IN AUSTRALIA D: lol thats just a guess but i too got access denied and i wanted to see what you were going to do with the router.

luke (author)A.C.E.2009-12-02

 witch link?, if your referring to the networkthunder link. then i can give you another new one 

bunnykill100 (author)luke2008-12-29

nice hearing from you!
i got my mini 9 yesterday, and i dont know HOW this happened, but after typing on it a fair bit, two of the keys popped off! I'm sure its just a manufacturing defect, but I'm still PISSED that I have ot pay S&H to get it replaced >.<

I can't snap 'em back on because itty-bitty pieces of them broke off and they won't stay.

I correct myself - bluetooth keyboards are like 40-50 bucks.

as for THIS

HOLY F***ING S**T!!!!

dude, that is INSANE.

that's like modding an iphone to give it 8 buttons, an sd card slot, a removable battery, and support for PSP ISO games!!!!


if you're friend is looking to buy a netbook, ask him what for.

If it's mainly for chatting with friends, watching videos, listening to music, looking at funny pictures, and doing anything related to recording or playing video - the inspiron mini 9 is the way to go (it has nice stereo speakers, a really good mic, and a NICE 1.3 MP camera - you can video chat with it right out of the box!)

if he wants to type a lot, then the hp 1000 is the way to go.

If he just wants to check his email every now and then, he should consider the EEEpc :P

also, since you LOVE dealextreme, you'll LOVE this:

editting videos SUCKS, i agree. ESPECIALLY in windows, but you have a mac, rite? that should be bearable!

bikes are WAY better than cars (as long as you live close to work, the supermarket, the mall, the movies, and all the FUN places. OH, and a neighbor that's a BFF that will drive you if you need it)! Greener, too!

(btw - you can probably buy a car from some unorthodox places, like various companies that have NOTHING to do with cars that buy them to raise funds - you can pay them like 50% more than they did for the car and walk away with a functioning one for 2000-ish bucks!

anyway, I gotta run, but enjoy!!


luke (author)bunnykill1002009-01-01

that realy sucks about you mini9, dell wont cover the cost of S&H??
just to let you know, my mac crashed ( 0.o ) so im going to have to start the video again :|

funny you should mention a psp that can play iso's, its not like i bought this and this a few weeks ago and have filled the 8gb :S ......

on that note ... i need to find a way to hold a second memory stick in / on the psp as carrying 2 around, i know im going to lose one... so i have ordered some parts ( yes yes yes, its a addiction but they dont have a AA for DX, )

oh and i did the modd ( so i can mount a external antenna), but with lack luster results, dont get me wrong it helps a bit but itn son that great. and it way to cold and windy today to go out side to "play" its meant to be summer here .... so much for that.

i passed on what you said about netbooks to ben, turns out he wants it for gameing... so ... i dont realy know how to help him. and my response of "get a mac" well he didnt realy like that ;P

thats a interesting idea on how to get a car, im not sure i understand 100% but what are some examples of unorthadox places ?
( i assume you live in the usa ? ) i know over there cars are alot cheaper than here (Australia) i have been to texas, and i was astounded at how cheep the cars where ( and how BIG they where !!!!) i went there to go to nasa and i have to say WOW, very very difrent to here, not being able to drink untill your 21 would suck, we can drink at 18, but its not the most enforced law around.

i have to agree about bikes being better and greaner :P but i have to ask whats a BFF? i will be at uni in about 2 months ( i think the usa word for it is collage ?) im just going to have a bike as parking costs alot and there is good public transport and during peek hour bikes are faster !!!!

this dealnews looks realy cool, but i swere im going to go broke if i keep finding out about these places :P i mean when i was told of DX, the folks down at paypall bought them selves a cake ( a lot of cakes :P )!

i hope you had a great NYE, and that the new year rocks for you to :D
luke :)

bunnykill100 (author)luke2009-01-01

for gaming, there's ONE netbook that does a decent job:

BFF means best friend forever

I don't drink, not going to, I prefer sherry temples and doctor peppers :)

unorthodox meaning non-traditional, or places besides used car lots and dealerships. I think you're best option is to see if anybody in your area is selling a used or somehow damaged one (been in an accident and needs repairs - make sure you can fix it. People sell cars like that because they know they can't fix it so it's pretty again, but you don't care, right?). craigslist is good for that, and ebay, too (though you'll find more bargains on good condition, used cars - my dad got a grand marquis (it's a taxi-esque car, same build, REALLY big, roomy, nice interior) for $7,000 USD.

I forgot to say before - I don't smoke. zippos and pocket knives fascinate me. They're really fun to play with! What can I say? I'm a 15 year old american boy - give me a break! _


sdhc cards are REALLY cheap on amazon - you can get an 8gb for around 10 bucks nowadays, and 8gb microsdhc are 15 bucks, 4gb mcirosdh are 5.


I don't know if dell is going to charge me S&H yet, since my internet connection is really screwy now that, well, it's a really long, boring story, so let's jst say it wasn't encrypted before, and now, instead of needing the SSID to get connected, you need the WEP encryption key, and vista HATES me for that for some reason (I DIDN"T ASK FOR VISTA...IT CAME WITH THE COMPUTER...ITS A NICE CHEAP COMPUTER....I"M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!)

luke (author)bunnykill1002009-01-01

wow that gameing netbook is realy cool, i have passed it on to ben, he is on onlie atm but emali :)

i have never heard of "bff" but i get it now :P

btw when i was youngre i started to collect cool lighters and zippos, and im wateing on my second knife ( baught it for xmas for me, but it got held up)

i baught a microsd > msduo adapter yesterday !!!! how strange is that,
i would buy that stuff on amazon but 90% of the time they just wont ship to AUS and if they do they want 25$ shipping on a 8gb sdhc class 6 ( fullsize ) card and that blows

so thats why we stick to DX cos we know that we wont get stung for postage and they will ship to us :|

as for chocklet cake this is how i do it, Worlds Most Dangerous Chocolate Cake Recipe

shame on you for not encrypting your wifi!!! then people like me come along and play!
and just fyi WEP is not that great, it can be broken in a few seconds, ( maybe i should do a instructable on it ? ) but it better than nothing,
as for haveing vista, cant you dule boot vista and somethnig ( ububnt, open suse, xp, some other flavour of linux? )
i lived with vista for 6 months, then i took it off my macbook i got sick of its bitching and moneing about nothing, went back to OSX, its good, dont get me wrong im not a "mac fanboy" my phone runs windows mobile, my eee runs linux and xp, my macs run osx. i just choose to not use vista, on that note.
i assume you have seen the stuff about windows 7, it is VERY nice to use !!
only problem for me is that i dont have any downloads left for 15days, HELLO DILE-UP!

humm what do you think about a instructable about the basics of 'playing' with wireless networks ? my eee is set up for it. but i dono if people would like it...
maybe just the basics like cracking wep and useing NMAP to find live hosts.

well dave i will talk to you later,

bunnykill100 (author)luke2009-01-01

you're getting DIALUP?! OH NO!!!

actually, I think vista is quite nice, but it's not made for people like you and me - people that enjoy playing with stuff and don't mind spending a few hours learning how to do something. Vista is designed if you want to click on stuff and have it automatically work for you. It's made for people that pay for cable, phone, and internet service like they should (we get our phone service through our internet, and our tv from the antenna - like 7 watchable channels). The place that the modem and all the other parts are located is a MESS of wires.

Anyway- my dad for some reason decided to go with WEP instead of WAP, which I don't understand - he's sort of lazy. He's really good at fixing stuff and doing stuff, but he's inherently lazy.

I'd say (about the instructable) that you should go for it!

The thing is, if you're going to go into playing around with command prompt or anything that goes beyond simple right-click menus, make sure it's step-by-step, and written down.

and please, call me David :) (other people call me Fink or Finkel because my last name is Finkelstein, but I know at least 4 other "dave"s, so I generally like David or Fink most! (but David will do)

windows 7 looks AMAZING...

but then again, it's coming out in a YEAR. in all actuality, that means that windows is going to continue to suck balls for a year.

OSX is, IMO, the best browser to-date. It's intuitive, EXTREMELY well made, and, best of all, its MEDIA-CENTERED. I know that watching videos, movies, listening to music, and generally doing stuff media-related is really important to a lot of people, and, unlless your a HARDCORE gamer, you don't want a PC anymore :S

ya, DX's free shipping is AWSOME!

I keep forgetting you live in Aus! 25 dollars?! THOSE BASTARDS!! *shakes fist*

I don't really collect anything - I realized a while ago that it costs a lot of money to collect stuff, and if it doesn't (like stamps or fake credit cards that they send in teh mail or something), nobody really cares _

I do magic tricks, play piano, and write from time to time, but doing stuff like making balloon animals, juggling, and typing fascinate me. I love doing manual (hand-related) stuff like that. I think my typing speed is something like 80 WPM without mistakes, which is why the mini 9 kinda struck a nerve with it's keyboard.

If dell had just thought it throuhg more, they would have realized:

the letter keys have to be useable (check)
-question mark(?)
-apostraphe/quotation marks(')(")
-colon, semicolon(;)(:)

the others can be mapped to the number keys.

Of course, dell put the apostraphe and quotation key on teh BOTTOM FUCKING ROW, where your THUMB is supposed ot push it (TALK ABOUT RELALY FUCKING ANNOYING), and the COLON key, which I NEVER use, in it's place. serious screwup there.

then they forgot about the fucntion key row, and, instead of mapping it to the top row of letters, which wold make sense, they map it to the middle row, presumably so they can FORGET TO MAP F11 AND F12 TO ANY KEYS AT ALL. ya, that's right. You have to do it yourself. Not mapped to ANY KEYS, not z and x, not ANYTHING.

alos, the mouse buttons are REALLY FUCKING SMALL - but I can live with that - the touchpad is nice and big.

fortunately, teh battery life is good, screen is BEAUTIFUL, and if you get the camera and bluetooth, it's as functional as any laptopt for non-intensive stuff. just get a bluetooth keyboard (or wired one -there's THREE usb ports), an external mouse, and leave your microphone, webcam, and headphiones at home - it has (slightly tinny) stereo speakers built into the bottom of the screen, a REALLY good webcam, and a CLEAR mic.

basically, if you type around 40-50 WPM or less, or hunt and peck, or just don't touchtype, it's PERFECT. otherwise, be prepared to download a keyboard re-mapping program and do some touch-up work.

Also, if you have big hands, you might want to look elsewhere :S

anyway, even though our network wasn't encrypted, we didn't broadcast teh SSID, so you couldn't jump on unless you knew the name of the network.


MUST MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!

actualy, I probably won't. I'm lazy like that.

does it even taste good?

luke (author)bunnykill1002009-01-13

im being told conflicting things about windows 7, some very good, some are just saying that windows 7 is just vista. but yes you must make the cake!!!! it tasts very good :) and on the subject of networking, i recently started streeming movies to my tv from my home server, and my wireless rounter is starting to flake out .... :| for some reason every time i typed a reply it would not post :( i will finish my comment tomorow, im gotta sleep dave luke

luke (author)bunnykill1002009-01-13

thats funny every time i reply it fails to post ...

volquete (author)2008-12-31

wats an eeeeepic?

A.C.E. (author)volquete2009-12-02

well in the commercials the three Es were Easy to use, Easy to learn, annd Easy to play... EEE pc. made by asus.

micromuffin (author)volquete2009-02-08

a computer, in case you have been living under a rock for the past two years.

Tommyhzy (author)micromuffin2009-02-16

What's a rock?

volquete (author)Tommyhzy2009-02-16

a rock is a thing that Patric star lives under.

tanmanknex (author)volquete2009-08-31

me too!

Tommyhzy (author)tanmanknex2009-08-31

That... Was awesome. Someone replied to my half year old comment. (:

tanmanknex (author)Tommyhzy2009-08-31

Yep! I don't look at the dates when I post comments. And now someone replied to your 3hr old comment!

volquete (author)micromuffin2009-02-16

i have not, i'm just have never heard of an eepic, or watevr it is.

cyrozap (author)volquete2009-02-09


MystBoy (author)2009-09-18

and the link wont die...

... the link is dead ...
where do i get the drivers from???

THX for ur help

ProjectZro (author)2009-08-08

lol i had that issue in linux (ubuntu NBR) cuz xandros bypasses this check and just uses it (wierd...)

rodonn (author)ProjectZro2009-08-25

The eeeapci switches do some strange things with the bios (certainly in the eeeBuntu base I use) The last update forced an unconditional disable on the Wireless... took more fiddling than I wanted in the console to fix

theinterruptingcow (author)2009-07-11

Its good to see abit of aussie pride on this site. great ible too

roflcast (author)2009-06-19

Im not even using this tutorial and this has to be one of the best, most entertaining tutorials i have read! good work bro!

pkorba (author)2009-04-25

thanks for the instructions. I am a novice at trying any of this and the like to the dissasemble instructions kind of skips over how to take the screen housing apart (or maybe I just missed it?). Is it in there, or do can you explain how? Much appreciated!

maxidisco (author)2009-04-24

hey! where to buy an usb cd drive for only $5? I also need one for my Eee! Thanks for help!

sharkstun97 (author)2009-04-19

wow this is freaking cool i wish this were for regular laptops

Erik Lindemann (author)2009-01-28

This is very nice. My house has two Eee PCs, one of which is getting no use. I'll definitely consider this.

mondaymonkey (author)2009-01-10

I just bought this EeePC today at bestbuy for 200 bucks even (fine, 7 percent cali tax & recycling fees) only problem is its got a pathetically small 4gb ss harddrive. Luckily it has a built in card reader so I popped a 4gb SD card (12 bucks) into it, and it works great. (The OS/preinstalled software takes up something like 90 percent of the harddrive) 1.6 ghz processor (Intel Atom) 1 GB ram (Upgradeable to 2gb) I can't complain :D BTW the next model with the same specs but larger harddrive would cost near 150 bucks more... so I just bought this one

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