Step 7: Its over !

Picture of its over !
now go out there and impress the ladies with your new touchscreen, bluetooth enabled, and huge storage capacity EEE pc !!

all without touching a soldering iron ( see what i did there )

i plan to add some more pics later,

any comments on what i should add/subtract please leave them in the comments, thanks :P

pkorba6 years ago
thanks for the instructions. I am a novice at trying any of this and the like to the dissasemble instructions kind of skips over how to take the screen housing apart (or maybe I just missed it?). Is it in there, or do can you explain how? Much appreciated!
yehjas6 years ago
Id have to say, I would love to do this on my laptop, but if I had messed this thing up I would bee completely cut off from the net 8S. if your still looking for a new case, I kinda have an idea but you have to sacrifice functionality for style. defiantly be cool, but it'll be a tablet PC with a keyboard really, but I guess you could just modify the idea into a standard laptop. OK, here was what I was thinking, main idea, you can do a simple tablet and put in a retractable keyboard on it and like I said sacrifice function for style because you can't fold it. I guess you could how ever unsought the screen to angle it or do it so that you can extend the keyboard all the way and then fold it. idk bout the logistics, don't have access to cncs and complicated fabrication technology, but it would defiantly be a concept I would like to see done.
Hey Luke!

This was probably one of the best tutorials I've ever seen!

It was practical, doable by literally anybody, you even provided links to EVERYTHING! Good job!

One thing, though!

The link to the external website that you said explains how to dissasemble your EEEpc?


gives an "access denied" error!

Btw, I found out about dealextreme a few days ago, and it has enough parts there to do virtually anything with anything! You could make both of the DS's screens touch-screens, or, in your case, make a itty-bitty-teeny-weeny asus EEEPC do everything it could possibly do!

A few tips on your tutorial:

because you're making a tutorial that messes with the innards of a computer, it would be really smart of you to:
-Write out all the steps in order, this means writing "ground yourself so you don't accidentally short something with static electricty" at the TOP, along with all the other tips you had, like using tape so it wouldn't short-circuit.
-Make everything clear and understandable (your grammar and spelling were fine), in other words, make sure that there isn't a single part of a single sentence that could be misunderstood or misleading or confusing, because then somebody could screw up their EEEpc

But great job, and I look forward to your next one!

I, may be getting an inspiron mini 9 laptop if my sister, who's going to college next year, doesn't want it, so I won't be able to put al your kewl hacks to work :(

btw, if you ever consider getting a newer netbook, may I recommend the mini 9? it's perfect if you want the form-factor of teh EEEPC (fits in a purse, etc.), but also want to be able to watch videos and chat and type stories or whatnot (as long as you don't kill yourself over the keyboard arrangment - if you want a big keyboard, the HP mini 1000 is the way to go - but it's mouse buttons could also kill you).

So far, there hasn't been a SINGLY perfect netbook. if dell had copied HP and stretched their keyboard out to cover the entirety of the lower half of the netbook, they would have been at the top. I'm sure that if they had kepy the function keys mapped to the second row of letter keys, the keyboard could easily have been 90% full size, WITHOUT PUTTING THE PERIOD AND COMMA ON THE WRONG ROW!


well, thanks again, I really got a lot out of your tutorial (WITHOUT SOLDERING!!! OMG I LOVE YO!U!!!1!!!!111111!!!!!!1!ELEVENTY!)