How to Train Your Cat to Use a Toilet...





Introduction: How to Train Your Cat to Use a Toilet...

tired of smelly litterboxes that seem to need cleaning every day? train your cat to use the toilet!

yup, its possible, for tons of pics and videos, check out this site.

as for flushing, ive seen a vid of a cat doing it online, but i imagine that would be rather hard to teach. remember, theyre cats. if you suceed with this, be glad you got them using a toilet.

Step 1: Set the Mood...

cats are creatures of habit, and generally react badly to majior changes of any kind. to start with, move kittys litterbox to the bathroom if its not already there. leave next to the toilet for at least two weeks, if the litterbox was in a completely different area of the house, expect an accident or two if your cat is older. say no firmly, and place them gently in the litter box. some cats are particularly stubborn, and might need to be shut in the bathroom with food and water for a night.

Step 2: Take It Up a Notch...

now we need to get kitty used to the idea of peeing in something thats not on the ground. search around for a crate / box / step stool / etc. that will raise the littlerbox up to the height of the toilet rim. dont forget to add something for kitty to use as a step. if this fails at first, do this in two steps, raising the litter box 6 inches at a time. again, wait two weeks for your poor confused puss to get used to the idea.

Step 3: Almost There...

now move the litterbox onto the toilet seat. if you only have one bathroom, make sure you replace the litterbox back on the toilet seat when youre done. consistency is key. once again, leave for two weeks.

Step 4: Now for the Tricky Part...

for this youll need an in - toilet litter container. you have a few options here.

option 1: make one. you could use all sorts of things, but ive found that the cheap foil baking pans work best, as you can bend them to fit inside the rim. if you plan to use this option, i would suggest switching their regular litter pan to one of the large roast sizes in the beginning. (step 1)

option 2: find a childrens potty training toilet that has a removable bowl you put on the big toilet.

option 3: buy a litter pan specially made for use in a toilet. these can be found relatively cheaply online.

whatever you use, DONT FORGET to tape it down with some good tape. (duct tape?) you dont wanna know how pissed you puss would be if he fell in.

leave kittys handy step next to the toilet and pray it works.

wait two weeks, and dont forget to leave the toilet seat up!

Step 5: Tadaaaa! Last Step!

remove your handy dandy in - toilet litterpan, cross your fingers, and wait. leave kittys step so he feels catered to.

one last thing, dont forget to leave the toilet seat up!



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i'll definitely do this to my 4mo old Siamese Lilac point .. since its my off tomorrow .. i will will work on this hehehe ..

The last step is too rushed!
Once the litter inside the toilet has been there for two weeks, you should cut a small hole in the middle, wait until the cat has adapt.
Then cut a larger hole, and wait.
Then an even larger hole.
All the while reducing the amount of litter.
This is how the cat will get accustom to the toilet.

this is my first instructable, any advice is appreciated. :)

Well, the title is wrong.

ahahaha! i wondered how long it would take someone to notice! its been so long i had almost forgotten about it myself! too funny.

Great Instructable. I would advise against doing this with smaller kittens, since they could accidentally be flushed into the sewers where they would ultimately come in contact with some toxic waste, grow to an enormous size and terrorize a large metropolitan Japanese city.

I love that "standard household cat" pic, but I have never had a "standard" cat.  I always get the ones with big personalities!