Step 5: Tadaaaa! last step!

Picture of tadaaaa! last step!
remove your handy dandy in - toilet litterpan, cross your fingers, and wait. leave kittys step so he feels catered to.

one last thing, dont forget to leave the toilet seat up!
a_abbond4 years ago
The last step is too rushed!
Once the litter inside the toilet has been there for two weeks, you should cut a small hole in the middle, wait until the cat has adapt.
Then cut a larger hole, and wait.
Then an even larger hole.
All the while reducing the amount of litter.
This is how the cat will get accustom to the toilet.
swinding6 years ago
Hmmm - I tried this with my tom cat. He REFUSED to stand on the edge of the toilet for step 4 and, instead, stood in the little tray inside so that he nearly fell in several times. This, however, did not stop him from peeing up there. Once I took the tray out of the toilet, though, he stopped using the toilet and did all his business in the tub. Back to the box. I like the idea of a kiddy potty chair - that might help - the toilet training kits for cats have a sort of flat bottom in the pan you put on the toilet. With the kiddy seat he might not be able to get good footing! What a blessing a toilet-trained cat would be!
shetibo6 years ago
oh im soooo trying this!!!!
EcoMotive7 years ago
Too bad dogs won't do this. Great tip! I'll try this on the next cat I get cause the one I have now has been using a litterbox in the basement for 15 years and probably won't get into this habit.