1.flexible strong wire
2.a stick about 2" in diameter and 12ft long
3.a very sharp knife

Step 1:

next you need to wrap the wire around the pole and form a noose about 2 inches wide

Step 2:

next find an area with alot if squirrels find a tree with a squirrel nest lean the pole at the tree at a 45 degree angle as the squirrel ckimbs the pole into the tree it feels the noose around its neck and jumps off and essentially hangs itself squirrels will take the easiest way to its nest so it takes the less step pole

Step 3:

set a few traps and check each day at the evening and it looks like we caught one

Step 4:

once you get back home get a very sharp knife and a hard surface to cut on and a pair if old clithes

Step 5:

put the squirrel on a stump or table and cut right above its anus

Step 6:

next start to pull back on the skin until it pulls back a few inches

Step 7:

next put the squirrel on the ground and step on its tail and start pulling the fresher the kill the easier this should be

Step 8:

keep pulling until you reach the front legs once you reach them put you fingers behind them and just cut the fur through the armpit

Step 9: Ta Da

keep pulling until you reach the head and just cut off the head now you have a fur you can preserve and some meat to cook. uou dont need to gut it because usually i just cut the legs meat of the front and back since the rest is so small
<p>Very awesome, check out this snare: https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Squirrel-Snare/</p>
<p>Trapping and cleaning squirrel is a great outdoor pusuit to master the art of an outdoorsman. </p>
<p>Great info. I was always curious how it was done. I used to snare rabbits as a teen but skinning them is a bit more work. Thanks! =)</p>
A long 10 minute death. Nice.
<p>Don't read these. Most of the internet isn't for immature, sheltered whiners. Have a good cry in a corner somewhere and get over yourself.</p><p>I'm sure there's a recipe on here or a candle making tutorial that might be more to your liking.</p>
<p>keep in mind that in most places you need a trapping permit. If you get caught poaching you'll be in big trouble. Also, snares are illegal in many places. Here's a list of states that prohibit snares and other sometimes outlawed traps. </p><p>http://www.bornfreeusa.org/b4a4_traps.php#snare</p>
<p>You don't need a permit to hunt pests on your own property; which most people do. Now if your on another's land you'd get arrested if caught.</p>
<p>Gotta try that. Grew up eating tree rats.</p>
i also usually dont git it because i cut meat off the legs front and back and use rhe carcass for coyote trapping in the fall
i caught thatt squirrel<br>in 6 hrs after setting it and i put up 4 traps in an oak firest
<p>Not bad I see you caught a male.</p><p>How long from setting the snare to snaring the squirrel?</p><p>When I set up snares along a rabbit run I set up at least three and get one rabbit a night.</p><p>Could use a squirrel recipe.</p><p>Good job Joe</p>
<p>What about gutting?</p>
Very tasty by all accounts
Looks like a very big squirrel!
no the squirrel dies very quick if you dont like stuff like thus plz dont trash me
<p>awesome, there's a stew in my future :)</p>
it runs up the pole to climb the tree and it feels the noose around its neck then jumps off the pole and hangs itself
<p>How does the trap catch the squirrel? </p>