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Introduction: How to Trim Your Eyebrows

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I don't do too much beauty routine-wise, but I do try to make sure my eyebrows stay in good shape. Since I've been in the process of moving for the last couple weeks, they got pretty out of control! I figure this is as good of a time as any to share how to trim them easily. :D

Trimming your eyebrows is great way to make your face look awesome. It really makes a huge difference!

If you're interested in learning how to shape your eyebrows properly, check out audreyobscura's instructable over it!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • old mascara wand or eyebrow brush
  • small sharp scissors
  • a makeup brush

The makeup brush is optional but will allow you to brush all the tiny stray hairs from your face. :)

Step 2: Brush Your Eyebrows Up

Use the eyebrow brush to sweep the hair up in small sections. Use the scissors to cut whatever hair extends past the top of your brow line. I start near my nose and work my way out - that seems to give the nicest cut

Step 3: Brush Your Eyebrows Down and Then Clean Up

Above: whoops, missed a couple hairs!

Once your brows are nicely trimmed, double check that you didn't miss anything by brushing your brows straight down. This will let you trim any long stray hairs! Trim anything that sticks out past the natural bottom edge of your brow.

Just be very careful doing this step - this is where you can accidentally cut a chunk or your eyebrow out!

Once you're done, lightly go over your face with the makeup brush to remove the cut hair!

Enjoy! You now have fantastic brows. :D



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    16 Discussions

    :) Love your Instructables! :) Thanks for sharing this. I do this, but have not used a handy little clear mascara brush to push it up while cutting - that will help a lot. My issue is with hairs growing all crazy or outward! I trim those too though. :)

    I think they look great, and I admire the work. Well done!

    So you know, I've hit that age where men get the strangest hair growths in their ears, and I have a hard enough time trimming those that I'm certainly not going to be critical of anybody's effort in what truly takes a level of skill somewhere between that of Rembrandt and the guy who can take a leafy green bush and turn it into a topiary poodle sculpture.

    Keep these instructables coming, since they're a reminder to me and my Y chromosome how easy we have it in the "grooming" department. Just getting the ear hairs mown is enough.

    I don't think that you missed hairs. It's my personal opinion, but I like more natural looking eyebrows. Not to mention that the bold ones are a trend right now. I personally don't like them that much and prefer a more natural look. So I don't think that you should remove any more hairs out of yours.

    You have a nice arch and I would stick to a clean look, but I wouldn't remove hairs that are above the eyebrow.

    What do you think?

    Nice instructable.

    I am a hairy guy with big eyebrows. I have never even remotely considered trimming my eyebrows, and probably never will. But I saw this on my feed and thought "Hmmm, how do you do that?"

    I thought your method seems really simple and clever, and your eyebrows came out looking very even and well defined.

    Thank you for making this, I learned something :)

    1 reply

    Sobeeya, what you do to the ends of hair, has no effect on what goes on at the roots of our hair.

    As we get older our eyebrows continue to grow and eventually, for me at least begin to tap my cornea. Most annoying. The brushing up part of the instruction is most helpful since can't see my eyebrows without glasses. Thanks.

    Nice job! Beautiful eyes and eyebrows. The naked look with minimal makeup and perfect eyebrows is always super attractive.

    Sweet Pea your eyes are beautiful. Mine were very same before I had to start penciling them. Lol... And I pray for you to be blessed with seeing only joyous and happy times. Blessings:)

    the more u will cut the more long hair will grow

    1 reply

    So, by that rationale, would you rather have a unibrow?

    BTW, what you just said is a myth.