How to Try and Get Free Components





Introduction: How to Try and Get Free Components

sometimes you dont have money, but you want to build something nifty. here is a guide to help you

Step 1: Look at Your Parts List and Find the Part You Want to Try and Get

Step 2: Find the Part on Digi-key

other sellers usually have the manufacturer on it

Step 3: Go to Manufacturers Website

Step 4: Write Them an Email

it is usually good to make aup a convincing story, such as a school project

Step 5: Wait

sometimes, you might have to have a dialog with the people at the company.

more often than not, you will get the part you want



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I"ve tried several tiems to place a sample order in microchip's site but it says that a need a university email or a company email. i have neither nor i know where to find one. Can somebody tell me where to get one free company/university email?

Microchip charges $7.50 for samples

maxim are also sukers for this if you work at maxim i 100% love you hehe

Yeah maxim is awesome for their samples.

Yeah, let's try not to lie OK? If you really are a student who is using parts for a class say so, otherwise don't claim to be such. Some companies are fine with sending samples to hobbyists, but there are many companies out there (such as that won't let students sample their parts anymore because the system got abused. So, for the sake of the student you have either been or may someday be, don't ruin things up for everyone.

why make up a convincing story wen you can say you are going to use the part in a project to be thoroughly documented on just frase it in such a way that they will think they are getting free advertising and include a link to there page on the project. then its good for every one we get more instructables the companies get free advertising and the students that cant afford to buy the parts don't get boned.

Would you then have to follow throught such a claim though?