Picture of how to use eagle.cad
In this intractable I well teach you about eagle.cad. You well learn what eagle.cad is, how do you use it, you will also learn about schematics.

 What is eagle.cad? Eagle.cad is a pcb design software.

Step 1: Starting new project & adding components

First open eagle.scad then you need to hover over FILE then NEW then click on schematic.
After that you should have a new window pop up. This is were you are going to draw your schematic.
To add a component you need to click the add button. Then find your component. Click OK and you should have the schematic sign of your component, just click and it will be added. That I show you add a part. Keep doing that Intel you have all the parts you need. To  turn a component all you have to do is right click.
shaaz1232 years ago
WWC3 years ago
Can you tell my why my LED is oriented correctly on the schematic, but when i switch to board view the LED has been rotated 180?
This is bcoz when u'll print the pcb it has to be inverted and then u'll get the components aligned correctly.
lookwhatjoeysmaking (author)  WWC3 years ago
i dont know? that has never hapnd to me befor
lookwhatjoeysmaking (author) 3 years ago

this should be big and red

pfred23 years ago
I've found the most critical element of learning Eagle is how to create custom library components. As much junk as is in the library it never covers what I am trying to work with. You know it didn't come up with the main part on this board for example: