Weaving on a cardboard loom is really fun and super easy to do. I originally did this in school - my mom still has some of the stuff I made. I was the weaving master. :D

In this instructable I'll teach how how to make a cardboard loom and weave on it. It's a great activity for long car rides, waiting at the doctor's office, or classroom arts and crafts. Weaving on a cardboard loom is also great for people of all ages - you can make lots of modifications to make it suitable for folks of all skill levels. You can do quite a bit with a simple cardboard loom.

So come on, let's learn how to weave on a cardboard loom and be the envy of elementary school children everywhere! :D

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • yarn
  • scissors
  • large plastic or metal needles
  • cardboard
  • a ruler
The yarn, scissors and needles can be changed as necessary to suit the age of the person you're going to be doing the weaving with.

Young children and those with poor motor skills will benefit by using very large plastic needles and thick yarn as it will be easier to handle. Advanced crafters/weavers can use finer needles and yarn. :)

I'm using Lion Brand Yarn bonbon yarn for this - it's really fine so it makes the finished weaving look really nice. :D
<p>I love how this is weaved and its perfect for beginner weavers.</p>
<p>very good just like me.</p>
<p>I am very excited to do this looks rad!!!!</p>
<p>fantastic tutorial. thank you very much </p>
wow.....Awesome tutorial. Thanks man for this.....I needed to do this for a school project. :)
<p>Thank you I can remember doing it at school but forgot how,its one of my boys who wants to do it.</p>
We learned this in 3rd grade and it was much clearer than this! This may be because I believe that the thing will fall apart if taken off the loom? Any other tips? Other than that, you just earned another follower!
<p>i am making it right now, it s lots of fun!</p>
I made this! With crappy acrylic yarn (weft) on crochet cotton (warp). I like the result in spite of a few hiccups (of my own, not the instructions):<br> <br> I found it <em>very</em> difficult not to pull too tightly when weaving the acrylic over-under-over etc. The edges on the finished piece don't look too concave however.<br> <br> I didn't notice the instruction to leave 1/4&quot; at the top and bottom until I was almost finished, so it was pretty snug up at the top. So when I scooted, I scooted everything up, not down.<br> <br> It was a bit tricky tying off the loops but a crochet hook helped.<br> <br> I should have used a blunt tapestry needle for weaving instead of a sharp one. Even paying attention, I still accidentally pierced the cotton and the acrylic went through the warp in a couple of places! This makes &quot;scooting&quot; impossible and I had to snip one strand of the cotton.<br> <br> Good instructable. Thanks, jessyratfink. :)
This is an awesome instruct able! Everything is so clear!
Really good instructions!
cool really helped
Cool! I made looms in Art at school and I was going to make on at home. I think I will use the cardboard thing instead of making a wooden one. <br>
you can also eliminate having tho tie the black yarn after taking it off the loom by adding more weaves to make it super tight, and then cut the cardboard to release the weaving and when it gets off the loom, it relaxes a little bit. this will allow the weave to stay intact without extra work.
I'm glad you posted this for the kids crafts challenge. My son did this last year in preschool. They used box lids (from printing paper boxes) as to not have to weave so close to the cardboard. Nice work!
I had to make a similar weaving in an art class many, many moons ago and found that a wide-toothed comb worked great for snugging up the weft. <br> <br>Great 'ible as always, Jess!
Nice one, and really clever!
nice one jessyratfink i love it
wow this is great Jessy! i love knitting and &quot;finger knitting&quot; (instructable coming soon!) and as a result i have a big collection of yarn that i have nothing to currently do with it! i'm so going to try this, its wonderful!
Very interesting, Jessy! I admire women for these things (besides others).
Did you mean to have that weaving pun about warping your strings? If so bravo!! If not, look up warp and weft! <br>Then you'll laugh. <br>
I like the photographs on maps. Yarn-craft = Meh. Maps = awesome. :D That's all. <br> <br>James
I love the bright colors!
This is amazing! You rock girl! I am making one of these! Keep on shining. <br>Sunshiine!

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