Step 8: re-attachment

push metal casing back on socket.
<p>Hey so I have that exact same bulb socket and it comes pre-wired. What I want to know is if I attach a plug to the end of the cord and plugged it straight into the wall... What then? Do I need a special bulb or whatever or do I need to control how much power reaches my bulb? I'm making a chandelier for an art project and I know basically nada about electricity.</p>
wow, i take my hat off to you, tecno geek. a son of an electrician myself, and i can't even screw on a lightbulb right! your step by step guide is a model of instruction! wish i took electricity 101 w/you as my instructor. boy, you make it so easy! thx much. gonna check your other posts next...
Thanks, you present this as straight forward as I imagined it was. I just needed to see it for myself, not fast, not with any mystique, but just as I would see it if I were to do this all the time. Thank you!
It absolutely does. There's a hot wire, and a neutral wire. The hot wire goes to the hot terminal, the neutral goes to neutral.<br>http://www.familyhandyman.com/DIY-Projects/Electrical/Electrical-Repair/how-to-wire-a-light-socket
does it matter which wire I attach to each screw?
Does the cord have a ribbed side and does that need to be matched to the right screw or is that only for lamp sockets / holders going into ceiling fixtures etc?&nbsp;
If you're just wiring a single socket, say for a lamp the right wire to the right terminal (screw) is not critical, however for safety it's a good idea to use lamp wire instead of extension cord, and connect the ribbed (neutral) wire to the neutral terminal, and the smooth (hot) wire to the hot terminal. Also, I noticed this tutorial did not mention the need to put an underwriters knot in the socket casing which is another safety measure. <br><br>If you are wiring up more that one socket to a single power cord you definitely need the right wire to terminal configuration.<br><br>I'm not an electrician, this is basic DIYer stuff.
Huge Improvement on your other instructables!!!!! Good pictures too!
Much, much better. Congrats.
Sweet looking socket you got there... looks almost a bit steampunk, very nice. Too bad they only sell ugly cheap plastic ones here.
GREAT job! Very well done, and agreeing with everybody else... <em>much</em> better. :D<br/>
<strong>Much</strong> better.<br/><br/>Still one <em>minor</em> point - the socket is a <em>female</em> connector.<br/>
i know that the socket is female, i was talking about the cord.<br/>p.s. i used a lamp over where i took the pictures and turned off the flash, and check out this link, tell me what you think:<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-make-an-Oust-powered-mini-spud-gun/">http://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-make-an-Oust-powered-mini-spud-gun/</a><br/>
Well done on re-making your Instructable. You've taken on board everything people had said in the original one, which is excellent. Your Instructable is much better. Congrats
thanks to all o ya
Much better!

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