Step 16: Loading

Picture of loading
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self-explanetory, but i also have a video for it.
grevious6 years ago
lol can i have some of your gray rods? and about your ball joint sockets, do they still make knex men that you get them with? i have about 15 so im basically set for now. but im concerned about new people who cant get any? it's quite sad...
i got loads of knex from my cousin i have like 15 guns and swords built so im probably going to build this
Shambles8 years ago
i'd just like to know how much money you guys spend on k'nex to make thses colasal instructables, I mean I bought one of those big casa that looks like a briefcase when I was like 8 and its not even enough for half of the required material for this thing
what do you do with the extra string???
StyleCore7 years ago
Can I have some of your socket joints? please
smidge1478 years ago
do u have a wall of knex guns?
your ubsessed
Mepain (author)  smidge1478 years ago
yeah, kinda