Step 7: Body: back

Picture of body: back
k'nex5 065.jpg
k'nex5 066.jpg
k'nex5 067.jpg
k'nex5 068.jpg
k'nex5 069.jpg
k'nex5 070.jpg
k'nex5 071.jpg
k'nex5 072.jpg
k'nex5 073.jpg
k'nex5 074.jpg
k'nex5 075.jpg
k'nex5 076.jpg
1. the back of the body
2. the other end of the track is what you will be building next
3. first make this,
4. then these,
5. then this,
6. then these
7. now
8. put
9. it
10. all
11. together
12. like
13. this
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