This is a camera mount for activities where you would normally bring a hydration pack.  A good hydration pack  would have several straps that allow the pack to be snugly mounted on your body allowing for active movement.  This feature would allow us to create a camera mount that is attached securely to our body.

This mount will provide nice "third person" view of your activity.  I use this often on a bike, you can switch the camera to face backward and you will get a nice rear view. This is even better when a friend is chasing you down.  Another advantage of mounting to a pack, is that most small vibrations are dampened by your body creating a smooth shot.

The concept is similar to the over the shoulder mount by griffinity. This just allows you to carry your water and tools that you may normally carry along your trip.

A few sample videos below, enjoy.


Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

Approximately, 5 feet - 3/4" Diameter PVC pipe
5 pieces - 3/4" PVC tee connectors
1 piece - 3/4" PVC 45 degree connector
1 piece - 3/4" PVC end cap
1 piece - vuju quikee mount for gopro with attached gopro mount, sourced from seller:sabazaar, ebay
3/4 inch 1/4-20 screw
1/4" washer
1 piece - universal clevis pin with clip
PVC Glue

- PVC Cutter
- Drill
- 1/4" Drill Bit

very nice!

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