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Disclosure: I am the creator of the PIXEL board used in this project. The PIXEL board was a collaboration with my good friend Ytai Ben-Tsvi and is an adaptation of Ytai's IOIO board. I had done a previous Kickstarter project called PIXEL using similar LED displays. Several of the my Kickstarter backers asked for a portable version of PIXEL which was the inspiration for this project.

Step 1: Flash PIXEL Board With Low Power Firmware

You'll need to re-flash the PIXEL board with the low power firmware. This is a must do, the 2000 mAH LiPo + 5V converter or phone battery pack will not be able to supply enough power to use the normal PIXEL firmware.

Follow these instructions to flash the board:

1. Cut power to the PIXEL board.

2. Unplug the Bluetooth dongle

3. Move the toggle switch on the board to the "Device" position

4. Using the USB A-A cable that came with the PIXEL board, plug one end into the PIXEL board and the other end into your PC or Mac

5. Download the PIXEL firmware upgrade application for PC or Mac (scroll down to the PIXEL firmware section on the page)

6. Download the PIXEL low power firmware

7. Find the port of the PIXEL board detected by your PC or Mac. The firmware application will provide instructions how to find the PIXEL board port.

8. While the PIXEL board is off, hold down the push button on PIXEL's circuit board and then power on with the button still held down

- The green LED on PIXEL's circuit board will be on - Release the push button and the green LED will blink 3-4 times indicating PIXEL is ready to accept the new firmware

9. Follow the instructions in the application to upgrade the firmware

<p>wow, amazing!) good work</p>
a bit of wax or soap on the threads will help keep paint off the threads and also keeps things smooth.
thanks, good suggestion
Why not painting the screws when they are outside? Shouldn't that be much safer?
Yes in hind sight , that's a better way to go, just don't make the mistake I made and spray paint the threaded part of the screws and just the tops.

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