I was looking for a dock that was made with cards but I could not find one! So that is how this came around.

Step 1: Items Needed

This is what you will need.
+ 2 decks of cards (You just need the boxes)
+ a iPod
+ a adapter that fits that iPod
+ a USB cable to connect to your computer
+ a Zip Tie
+ Glue
+ a Knife
+ Tape
+ Sharpie
+ a Dremel tool
Lets see... 1. lol ipod headphones 2. do the card boxes not need some sort of reinforcement to hold the weight of the ipod, otherwise i would assume they would bend and eventually not hold up properly 3. not too bad
Sorry I didn't mention this in the instructions but at first I tried to cut out all the individual cards but I got tired of that, then I tried finding anything that could fit like and used staples but the glue wouldn't hold, so then I was being Krazy(lol) and decided to not put up any support and it worked! And by the way, those aren't iPod headphones, there Skullcandy earbuds. Get Them!! They are awesome!
ahh... i use skullcandy lowriders im not a fan of earbuds anymore but will be picking up some skullcandy buds in the future
for support I tried putting a bic pen cap (you know, the clear one) under the adapter an it holds the iPod up really well!
yea!! skullcandies rule!!!!
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Cool! Very Nice Looking!
make a solution of white glue and water. get the deck wet with it then put it back in the box. itll glue the whole thing together, then you can use a saw to put a hole in the deck.
or you could just put the solution in the deck with the adapter in it.
I wonder how it might work to throw some washers in the bottom box for some weight and then fill the card boxes with spray foam insulation to give it some mass and support inside. Nice idea!

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