Picture of iCheapo iPod Case
Instructions for creating a super cheap, but durable case for your iPod using materials you probably already have on hand...or at least in the office supply closet. It will take you around 30 minutes to make.

Comments, suggestions for improvement are welcome!

DISCLAIMER: Use these instructions at your own risk. If you scratch your player, I am not responsible. Follow along, and there should be virtually no risk of stratching during construction.
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
Here are the supplies you'll need to create the case.
1 Manila folder
1 sheet white copy paper
Packing Tape
Ipod Box (for use as a template)
A piece of clear, flexible, durable plastic. I am using the window to a freebie badge holder I got at a conference.

Scissors and a sharp pencil will come in handy.

DISCLAIMER: Use these instructions at your own risk. If you scratch your player, I am not responsible. Follow along, and there should be virtually no risk of stratching during construction.

Step 2: Box As Template

Picture of Box As Template
I needed to trace out the location of the window and wheel. Luckily the image on the box is actual size. so I taped one edge of the paper to the box, right along the edge so I could trace the outline of the box. While not necessary, a straight edge helps here.

See the next step for tracing the wheel just right.

Step 3: Tracing the Wheel

Picture of Tracing the Wheel
It just so happens that the retention cover of an old ball mouse is almost exactly the right size for tracing the outline of the wheel. If you have a non-optical mouse, try it and see.

Step 4: Cutout Window and Wheel

Picture of Cutout Window and Wheel
Now, remove the tracing from the box (if you are careful removing the tape you won't mar the box) and carefully cut out the areas for the window and wheel.

XActo knives are SHARP. Like Scalpel sharp. Use the knife at your own risk. Kids, get help from an adult. Or use scissors. But they're dangerous too. What I am trying to say is BE CAREFUL.
loggerhead7 years ago
nice name:)
mandodeb7 years ago
I made one of these (thanks for the instructions!) and it turned out great. The only change I made was to use a glue stick to put a page from an Aquaman comic book cover on the manila folder before using all the tape. Great job!
PYRO7217 years ago
i made one from a cheez-it box, velcro and tape and its sick, but i dont have a use for it cause i already hae a case.
kid1237 years ago
I have an Ipod case by "agent 18"(at the ipod store for $20) and it is a beast! its made of some kinda plastic material and it's saved by ipod from a drop on the pavement. Nice instructable dude. kudos
Tvman7 years ago
Um...just sayin........you can buy a ipod cover thats nicer and feels better at the dollar store :P just sayin thou nice instructable :)
Fenwick8 years ago
This is nice. You know, you don't need to cut a hole for the click-wheel, it works just fine without a hole. It's just harder to see. I don't like that people buy big, bulky cases for their iPods. I like small, thin ones that just look good and protect it from scratches. Honestly, How many times have you dropped your iPod?
true true i do agree with you. and ive only dropped my ipod video like 4 times since i got it like a year and a half ago
Dieffsta8 years ago
sweet i did something similar for my mini, but its just plain old printer paper covering it with a plastic baggy cut out for screen protector(yours is better and more protective). i love these kind of things, also before you laminate that you could print or draw cool designs onto it...nice one
Kind a nice and... cheap idea! One day will give it a try. But I guess it is better to buy the case for an iPod. iPod - especially Video are not cheap... so you need more protection. I own an Extreme Mac leather case and it work just perfect ... but costs a lot on the other hand. Anyway - you found a nice solution. Thanks
Shamigo9 years ago
only problem i have with these kinds of cases is the wheel cover is never truly circular and that kinda bothers me =(
andreq9 years ago
it may protect it from theif.....by being ugly, yet useful
austin9 years ago
haha that is pretty cheap so does this protect it from much other than scratches?