How to Cook an Enchilada With a Steam Iron!





Introduction: How to Cook an Enchilada With a Steam Iron!

Yes, in this video a common household iron is used to cook a tortilla filled with some left overs!! At least use this video recipe to show off to your friends and pretend you came up with the idea. Watch the full length video and many other useful cooking tips on



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    I agree, we call those burritos. Enchiladas are usually covered in a sauce then baked casserole style. That is a lot of electricity, for just one unit. Done the iron cooking thing for a long time. Nothing new.

    Exactly. Brilliant burrito, yes... Enchilada, not even close.

    This is genius for cheap eats when in a hotel or motel.
    They'll always lend you an iron.

    This is a great idea for a college student who lives in the dorms. You may not be allowed to have an oven or a hotplate, you are, however, usually allowed to have an iron. Hot burritos, grilled cheese sammies, chessie quesadillas, so many warm foods! An iron, a minifridge and an electric water kettle would provide several hot meals without leaving the room. Throw in a rice cooker, a crockpot and a microwave and you can eat healthy (er) and stay on budget.

    yea but soon they'll be making the kitchen iron also can be used on clothes.

    not so pointless if you have a power cut and all you have is a portable battery opperated iron lol


    oi love the oirish.  you're all mad. 


    Ah.....I L-O-V-E CHEESE.... I want one of those... =( SO badly.....

    reminds me of my uncle making me and his kid some grilled cheese he used an iron too pretty tastey

    Wonderful! Do you iron your clothes in the oven? (Really, I think it's great!!!)

    That is awesome, but why? (that won't stop me using it though)

    how about to use a ummm ... skillet??!?!

    Great video but that really isn't an Enchilada. It's more like a burrito. An Enchilada is made with corn tortillas and is usually covered in red or green chili sauce. But a nifty how to any way.

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    are you a troll?