A set of standard C7 Christmas lights, a dozen top shells from some iMacs and a couple dozen twist ties.

Step 1: The Whole Thing.

Remove the top shell from some iMacs. Put the light socket through the top hole. Use twist ties to hold it all together!
Hang them where ever you choose.
Any ideas as to what could be used instead of the imac shells? They're not very common, and there's definitely none local, and being dumb as I am I can't think of anything to use to replace them.<br />
very very nice. love the colors. would look perfect in a bar.
Cool!, very cozy
how do you get the top shells?
looks like a mathmos lampshade
sell some stuff on ebay i have been trying to get stuff like that but i cant find it
dude thats frickin sweet ***** five stars<br/>
where'd you get the shells from the imacs???
It's my job. I install, repair & dispose of them. You get enough of one thing & the mind wanders.
they fell off the truck
Cool...very pretty.

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