Introduction: ILights

Made from iMac speakers. Tear out all the guts. Stuff them with miniature christmas lights and let them hang.

Step 1: Gut the Insides, Then Stuff

Rip it all out. then stuff.



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Questions & Answers


Can I use like those hockey puck mice?

finaly a use for the crapy over-priced computers they call macs

Hey! Macs come with lots of great bundled software and they almost never crash etc. PCs only come with Notepad and Paint and crash 3x a day.

MACS SUCK my homebuilt hasn't crashed ONCE for a year dumbass

My MacBook hasn't crashed (just hung occasionally) since I got it.

Macs suck. Windows rules the world so just move on...

really now... i don't want to git in a big argument but the i books at my school are constantly crashing and freezing up and they are brand new. My dell laptop that i am using right now only crashed once when i installed free ware and works with any thing i plug into it, unlike the macs i am forced to use. Also you can git ms office with your computer and it would still be a cheaper, faster computer than a mac

well, at least Apple can come up with its own operating system... To me, it looks like Microsoft is a giant photocopier *cough*vista*cough*

at least microsoft knows what a processor is