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Made from iMac speakers. Tear out all the guts. Stuff them with miniature christmas lights and let them hang.

Step 1: Gut the Insides, Then Stuff

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Rip it all out. then stuff.


kbhasi (author)2012-01-12

Can I use like those hockey puck mice?

computer_gui (author)2006-10-22

finaly a use for the crapy over-priced computers they call macs

Ian01 (author)computer_gui2006-10-22

Hey! Macs come with lots of great bundled software and they almost never crash etc. PCs only come with Notepad and Paint and crash 3x a day.

bigpinecone (author)Ian012006-11-25

MACS SUCK my homebuilt hasn't crashed ONCE for a year dumbass

Ian01 (author)bigpinecone2007-01-02

My MacBook hasn't crashed (just hung occasionally) since I got it.

RedFlash (author)Ian012010-04-25

Macs suck. Windows rules the world so just move on...

computer_gui (author)Ian012006-10-25

really now... i don't want to git in a big argument but the i books at my school are constantly crashing and freezing up and they are brand new. My dell laptop that i am using right now only crashed once when i installed free ware and works with any thing i plug into it, unlike the macs i am forced to use. Also you can git ms office with your computer and it would still be a cheaper, faster computer than a mac

bigpinecone (author)computer_gui2007-01-07

cuz macs SUCK

y2kkmac (author)bigpinecone2007-01-30

well, at least Apple can come up with its own operating system... To me, it looks like Microsoft is a giant photocopier *cough*vista*cough*

bigpinecone (author)y2kkmac2007-01-31

at least microsoft knows what a processor is

binnie (author)bigpinecone2007-06-23

omg macs and pcs both suck use linux! lol

bigpinecone (author)binnie2008-01-01

uhh... linux is an OS... mac's and PC's aren't...

Kasm279 (author)bigpinecone2009-03-20

Ya know, the "i" series of Macs are PC's (personal computer!)

Darkshot (author)bigpinecone2007-10-14

i agree

bethehammer (author)bigpinecone2008-01-01

Actually the mac operating system is based on unix. fact is people dont buy computers for the operating system, they buy them for applications. There are a lot of 'pretty' applications for the Mac, but its proprietary nature still makes them at least 30 to 50% more expensive to buy and maintain than a PC. Also because of the open api policies of linux and Windows, there are more developers and applications can be written and brought to market faster than on a MAC. also the notion that there are no viruses for a mac is ridiculous, the point of a virus is to do as much damage as possible, since there are more PCs out there than macs, naturally more effort has been spent in that area. As more MACs enter the market, I am sure the evil doers will take it on as a personal challenge to write them for macs also.

Kasm279 (author)bethehammer2009-03-20

OSX is based on UNIX, but Classic isn't.

bigpinecone (author)bethehammer2008-01-01

yep. macs suck and are useable for nothing. my mom thinks they're good for graphics artists. HAHA!!! yeah right.wht's even worse is that they only have one mouse button, and there's absolutely NO good games(except sim ant) for a mac.

your school probably gets the cheaper ones which ibook? im on a g4 and it blows my xp out of the water in almost all respects, aside from the fact that most programs are written for windows. if you're on a g3 that is like 1995 technology, and even then, it still beat windows.

Kasm279 (author)guitarman63mm2009-03-20

True. I've got an iMac G3 rev.D (tray loader) that runs at 333Mhz running OSX 10.2 and it beats my 2.8GHz HP laptop running XP Pro and Media Center.

no their less than a year old and I'd have to say that not having any decent software is a pretty big issue and can you please tell me what makes osx so much better than xp? if there is something I've yet to find it

don't put words into my mouth the mac has very decent software, far above windows in many applications to list some things, faster, sleeker, less issues less viruses (most are written for windows software) the only reason pc is bigger than mac is because mac didnt allow people to write software for it without their permission. they do now, but then they kind of screwed themselves over my mac came with many many things, garageband, simple interfaces to everything, etc. the reason your school computers are slow is they have monitoring systems to block sites, thus they have to take up more processing power for the filters, thus making the mac slower. you're pretty much wrong at all your points, sorry get an out of box pc and an out of box mac compare everything about them and come back and tell me im wrong

benhudson (author)2007-03-03

Hah. I like :) dci, you've got a major gap in the market there - hunting for stuff in the dark :P

spinach_dip (author)2006-10-23

ip masking > iphoto? crappy overpriced computers? sounds like anti-mac comments. pretty harsh comments for some christmas lights in plastic. time to get outside and get some fresh air guys.

paper warrior (author)2006-10-22

Actually they come with ip maskers among other things,mine has never crashed,and I use paint for everything.They're about equal.There is really no more reason to hate pc's than you.And by the way what is all this of great bundled software anyway.Probably a waste of space.

leevonk (author)2006-10-21

wow, that's incredibly ugly

zachninme (author)2006-10-21

I think that they probably aren't that bright. I would be better with your stuffing.

dci (author)2006-10-21

You could have tied them together and made them into Bolas (Bolos) and gone hunting for gazelle or something.

Murf (author)2006-10-20

Good project and would do it cause it looks pretty cool, but I have one problem. I don't have a bunch of old mac speakers :( Anyone got some they don't need?? :)

SurferGeek (author)2006-10-20

Good use for Mac Crap!

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