1. Now the smart phone and other gadgets are the necessity in our life. the battery power of smart phone and tablet can not support the uninterrupted using. So we also buy some powerbanks as a extra power. But most powerbanks in the market are the same model like a rectangle stone (too heavy and ugly) and can easily fill our little handbag space. Is there any coo light and powerful powerbank ?

Step 1: iMMi Creative Plush Cartoon Power Bank release

Well iMMi Creative Plush Cartoon Power Bank release, it can be used a handbag Pendant with Li-Ion 5200mAh battery. For every girl a cute toy Pendant can make your handbag more lovely , also the 5200mAh powerbank can charging your iPhone and iPad 2-3 cycles. Are you interested in the fashion Plush Cartoon Power Bank? You can find it 49.99 in Amazon .

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