Picture of iMac Desk
Screen shot 2010-07-21 at 7.55.44 PM.png
This is a teak desk, with a 1" thick arcyclic top/inlay. The desk is 31" tall, 48" wide, and 24" deep. The dimensions were chosen to maximize leg room and working space.''

If you hate wires, this arrangement is for you...

I bought my iMac in early may, and refused to open the box until I had the proper desk to place it on. I had a few specifications in mind: I wanted luxurious leg room, and a simple and architectural design that both incorporated the sleekness of the computer as well as the darkness of the woods in my room. 

I didn't really have a specific budget in mind, but i figured a large desk with a veneer and a cool top would cost me around $300-$400.

Asides from being ripped off in Chinatown, the costs of this desk were kept pretty low... kind of.

**Home depot's 4" blocks are actually 3.5".

update: I recently added a remote controlled mount to my desk that allows me to use my iPad as a distant monitor and as a mouspad.

This is a motor driven iPad mount created using a Firgelli track actuator. The iPad can be used as a monitor or as a visual mousepad for your desktop computer.

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tigerbomb84 years ago
i am making one
Romado12187 (author)  tigerbomb84 years ago
Very nice, I want to make a bigger one too... use one piece of glass or acrylic though!

what kind of wood are you going to use
pine and i might stain it to look like red wood
eb36044 years ago
your math doesn't add up. I'm confused
Romado12187 (author)  eb36044 years ago
what math are u referring to?
First off, when you buy lumber it is not actually the size it is called due to it being dried in a kiln, etc. So a 4x4 is really 3.5"x3.5". Yes one could buy a 6x6 (5.5"x5.5") and get it cut down to exactly 4"x4", but A. Home Depot doesn't do that, and it would cost more than $30.

Secondly, your math is wrong for the two shorter cross beams. Your instructions say that you need "18" 7/8 cross beams," and the depth of the desk is 24". Using your measurements, 19+4+4 = 27". Even using the true dimensions of a 4x4, it would give a depth of 26".

Romado12187 (author)  eb36044 years ago
All of the wood used for this project ie. the wood beams, was less than $30... and it was purchased from home depot. Lets say the beams are just 3.5", they are referred to as 4" blocks in the store... so I refer to them as being 4" as to avoid someone looking for a 3.5" blocks that doesn't exist.

As for the measurements, I just remeasured it, and it's 17" and 1/8 (for both cross beams) and the legs are 3.5" plus a little extra for the veneer. So, 17+7 and change is 24" and change.

"For the crossbeams, cut 8x 18" 1/8 strips and 4x 39" 1/8 strips." that's in reference to the veneer for the cross beams, hence the 8x... but alas, it should be 17 and 7/8 and I will edit that in that section.

I'll also add a blurb that says the 4" beams are actually 3.5".
sebgonz4 years ago
Have you run into the issue of the desk wobbling back and forth at all since you have a "floating" front lip? I've been building this design (without the acrylic top) and so far it seems a bit wobbly.
Romado12187 (author)  sebgonz4 years ago
not at all, its very sturdy because of the 4" wide legs, if it's wobbly one of your angles may be off... try to use dowels too
It's got dowels in it. It's actually a lot sturdier once the glue dried. Thank goodness. :)
forte19944 years ago
Very nice work all you need to add is a couple leds and you will have a light up desk.

nice work
nallen4 years ago
The table is a beauty. I suppose it's an iMac on (a) Window?!
sebgonz4 years ago
Geez! So many haters on a DESK instructable. Calm down folks. To the OP, this is a great design and right up my alley. I've been looking to build a new desk for months. I might have to use this one.
criggie4 years ago
So how does it go with the scratching? Have you made any marks in the top from use? How about fingerprints from day to day use?
Romado12187 (author)  criggie4 years ago
Haven't scratched it yet. Depending on what your doing, the top can get pretty smudged up. The acrylic has a few benefits to glass: I'm pretty sure it has a higher refractory index and it's much easier to work with. Glass would be easier to clean, and it would also be much more resistant to scratching.
Actually acrylic has a lower refractory index unless it's Pyrex glass. Thats why glass tables have a green edge and acrylic doesn't. At least thats what I've been told.
why a mac? good desighn enjoy all those games your going to be playing
Romado12187 (author)  tuckerton2964 years ago
The 27" display is seducing to say the least. It's lightning fast, and it can handle all of the video processing and CAD work a man could need!
I love macs. Dislike windows with a passion. I agree with you totally.
My 400MHz G3 iMac can handle the video editing I throw at it! :D (just standard def from a DV camera)
(removed by author or community request)
To be frank with YOU, Windows is FAR more customizable than any Mac. If you got a virus, you probably visited a bad website, downloaded illegal software, opened a weird email, streamed music encoded with a virus, got hacked, or simply neglected to install a FREE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE! Macs are just as vulnerable to viruses as Windows, do not be mistaken. I have used both. If you don't use antivirus on either platform, you are either brain damaged or just plain stupid. Linux is an OS by itself, and with some software on Windows, you can install it there too. Speaking of windows, "Windows Desk" is a more fitting name for this desk xD
shrdlu prodo1234 years ago
I've always wondered how Windows if more customizable that OS X. In what way? I have not used antivirus software on a Mac in over a decade, and I do not limit where I go on the Internet or what I download on usenet, etc. I guess I'm just plain stupid, but I've never had a problem. You can install Linux on a Mac. I can also run Windows applications without an emu, type Unix line commands, and with Fink I can even run Unix software. But I think the main thing, beyond functionality, is that the iMac is one beautiful piece of art and this table compliments it wonderfully. When I upgrade to the 24" iMac, I'm making this project. Nice work, Romado. The only mod I might make is a place to conceal my Bose desktop speakers.
prodo123 shrdlu4 years ago This is my own screenshot. It's a Windows XP SP3. That's how customizable it is.
shrdlu prodo1234 years ago
Nice homage. You should see my son's iBook Pro. It looks like Banksy designed the GUI.
You don't realize that there is a reason it's not customizable. The GUI is designed for efficiency. However, it is not for everyone. I wish people would just use what they use and not try to force it on others all the time.
I think that your comment, and the attitude with which you make your points both detract from this instructable, as well as detracting from how you appear to others. Keep the comments relevant to the project, keep the discussions for the forums.
gmjhowe gmjhowe4 years ago
Infact, everyone in the comment chain is just as bad. This guy has made an amazing project, and your all acting like little children about his preference of computer?
" Speaking of windows, "Windows Desk" is a more fitting name for this desk xD" Oh I get it, because Macs are on top... lol.
I'm sorry, but if you're stupid enough to get a virus, you kind of deserve it. it takes 2 seconds to get AVG or something free and even less time to avoid things that would give you viruses. plus, on windows machines you can partition the hard drive however you want and run red hat, ubuntu, or even unix i guess... personally i have ubuntu for messing around as well as windows 7.
I would like to see a video of you getting AVG and installing it in 2 seconds. Keep the comments relevant to the project, keep the discussions for the forums.
my comment is relevant to the comment which it replies to. the definition of exaggeration is taught in third or fourth grade. thank you.
You do realize Steam is on Mac now.
This has nothing to do with this instructable. It can be used for any computer. It is simply a beautiful and functional design.
Because a pc wouldn't look as good on the desk. I am a pc windows 7 user but I would buy a mac purely for the design and amount of thought they put into all the small details. The only reason I don't is due to the cost, I can buy a perfectly capable pc for £300-400 where as a mac will run into the £1000 mark. I would install windows 7 because I prefer windows to osx and the software I use is mostly windows only.
MarcusAvery4 years ago
I have been looking for something like this! Very Cool! Thanks!
Beergnome4 years ago
its a nice desk... why not just call it a desk though?
dgrif4 years ago
Very cool, thanks for sharing. Love how half the comments turned into a apple hater parade. used whatever you want to, who cares ;) cheers!
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