Step 4: Glueing the Plate to the Stand.

You should have a nice styrene plate, with a hole to fit around your iMac stand.
Place the styrene over the stand, mine was a nice fit, so I was able to position the stand just right before gluing. On the front I decided to glue on a nice section of leather to prevent the stand from scratching the back of the iPad.

I use hot glue a lot on this project, I knew it was the safest glue for using with gadgets, super glue can leave fume marks, and epoxy resin can leave residue.
  1. Once you have the stand wedged how you want it, cover up the back and gaps with masking tape, this will stop the glue escaping out the back
  2. Using a glue gun you can inject the hot glue into and around the metal stand, fill up the gaps and get a good seal, quickly while the hot glue is till hot place the leather on the front.
  3. Once set, I then ran more hot glue around the edge of the leather.
  4. You can peal off the masking tape a little, and fill in any gaps from the other side also, recover with masking tape to shape the hot glue.
<p>really nice result mate, looks great</p>
<p>Looks very clean. I like it.</p>
Hey, Nice Ible. One more step to add, though; if you use a pc (you cant ake the monitor off later) and use a vnc program for it, you can hook it up to an ipad(if it is jailbroken) and it will add a cursor to the ipad screen, and you use the pc's mouse for this. Try it sometime.
who wants portal for their ipod/i phone/ ipad?
(to The Nerdling) How? I haven't seen an app, I guess it would be possible you just would only have one app and it would be like watching a slideshow. If its chunky on a laptop, it would be extremely hard to make it for an iphone. If it is possible, TELL ME WHERE! I would love it.<br><br>-building king<br><br>P.S. (To the author) I wish the ipad could have microsoft word, or have java and flash on the browser. I love the idea!
sorry not portal but a games portal to launch other games
Hay if ya want something like word that apple made on the app store, it called Pages $9.99 on da app store
It is imposible, they aren't powerful enough.
yes they are, i downoaded it from the itunes store but i can't put it on anyone elses i thingy becaus it has a cirtificate which doesn 't allow you to sync it to your i thingy only one connected to my computer
Really? I think you are making this up, so only you can use it but you downloaded it from the iTunes store?<br><br>Pics or it didn't happen
He is lying (or badly mistaken) it is possible to run it <a href="http://toucharcade.com/2009/07/21/the-cake-is-not-a-lie-portal-clone-is-real/" rel="nofollow">(Here is proof)</a>&nbsp;however it never made it to the iTunes store.
How so?
challenge accepted
OK, thats cool dude, do want!<br>www.total-privacy.au.tc
Nice! Where did you get your coolio speakers?
they came with the imac g4 when it came out
If you split the cables leading to the speaker (after the little splitter circle) you can just wire them clean onto a standard 3.5mm jack. Most computers put out enough power to drive them.<br><br>I currently use them on my iMac.
Wicked cool. However, just a comment. You took apart an iMac (~$1500-$2000) to get the base for an iPad ($400-$900+)? Don't you think it's really expensive?
...and this was before I knew that the iMac could have its stand removed for wall mounting...
Well, I already owned the iPad, that was, and still being used for computing tasks from day to day.<br><br>The iMac stand was &pound;10 off ebay :P
you can buy the stand at ebay for like $20
Dude, read the materials list, just below iMac stand.... You can buy them for 40 bucks...
People remove the stands so they can attach a VESA mount to the back of the iMac. There's no reason to have the stand anymore so they sell it :)
The Stand cost me &pound;10, the iPad cost me &pound;70. Go figure :P
An iPad for £70? Who the what now?
Well, thats a half truth of sorts. I scavenged a couple bits of rundundent tech, which I then sold to fund said iPad. So about 30minutes work scrounging, and 30minutes work listing on ebay, and I was &pound;360 towards my iPad. Sorry to disappoint.
Looks like someone didn't read step 1
another idea would be to link a mouse and get a full office program and IM then just move everything but music, office, IM, picture viewer, and internet to another window and there you have a basic computer
you could also integrate a power cable in to keep it charged
lol I looked at this instructable and it took me like 5 minutes to start to realize what it was... congrats man!
i wonder if this idea works for a kindle...
I read that Apple is filing a patent for a design with a touch screen on a stand that can go up and down, similar to what you have, except that it switches between mac and iPad when you move it's position.<br><br>In any case, congratz for beating apple on a design.
lol so true, u totally beat them is they are making a touchscreen imac
i &lt;3 flame wars
Loved your idea. I took it up a notch. http://www.lessthanslashthree.com/post/1577923948/diy-ipad-stand<br><br>
Great find on that netbook stand thing! Made it work brilliantly.<br><br>Thanks for sharing!
very cool next on my project list.
Well done project. I rated 5.0. post more.
Thanks, I am always working on some project, more will come for sure.
It awesome! Your very much welcome! I am too always coming up with instructable ideas weither if its with cooking or computers, something always comes up! I have a really great homemade Garlic Cheese Toast recipe thats awesome and I hope to have that instructable up and posted by the end of next month, but IDK if i'll have time to take snapshots of everything, edit them, post them, and do an instructable on them before the end of next month!
&aacute;wesome its an imac touch wel done good project
I love it! Your work is meticulously done ;)
Thank you!
How did you do that with your old mac??? Is there a write-up on that?
https://www.instructables.com/id/Upgrade-your-original-1984-Macintosh-to-run-OS-X-S/ <br> <br> If you click the persons username you can browse their other projects!
Nice and Wicked!
That looks really cool. I thought about something like this, too. But there's one thing I wondered about: Using the keyboard looks great to me, but how do you start apps and move around a &quot;cursor&quot; in a document? That's why I didn't try yet... Otherwise really great work :-)
Ah ... Bluetooth mouse?

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