In this insuctable i'll show you how to make stop motion on iMovie

Step 1: pick your characters

For my characters I chose lego mini figures. there names are Gorge, Greg and Joe
<p>Hi, how can i select all pictures at once o set &quot;.2&quot; seconds?</p>
<p>your video doesn't seem to exist.</p>
Could you explain the phrase &quot;you half to a just it from ken burns affect to keep it still&quot;? I can get &quot;You have to adjust it-&quot; but I get lost after that.<br /> Also, YouTube is telling me this is a private video so I can't watch it.<br /> <br /> L<br />
&nbsp;under effects there is a little check box next to &quot;ken burns.&quot; when turned on it basically pans and zooms a picture. turn it off so that the pictures will flow.
Same here.<br />
how can I watch it when it is a private video???&nbsp;
&nbsp;your video is set to private so it can't be watched.&nbsp;
&nbsp;why is it private

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