Step 2: Remove "ghost" app on phone

This will leave the apps in a "ghost" state on the phone. They have a weird default icon and can't be launched. Delete all "ghost" apps as you would delete any regular app:
  • Press an hold the icon until all icons start to shake
  • Press the "X"
  • Confirm deletion
This did not work for me, but here is what did in case you want to try this one? <br> <br>Settings &gt; iTunes&amp; App Store, Logout <br>Settings.AIrplane Mode ON <br>Reboot the device by pressing Power + Home till it turns off <br>Turn it back on <br> <br>The apps will start installing and then you can get back in the store. Hope this helps
<p>This worked with my iphone 6... thanks a million!</p>
<p>I had a testflight app icon stuck for months now and your tip did the trick!</p><p>Thanks for that!</p>
<p>I just wanted to thank you for your suggestion. I tried literally every other method of deleting it short of resetting all settings or restoring an old backup, and this was the only thing that worked :)</p>
Here's what worked for me.<br> <br> In ios7, if you have Automatic Updates enabled, go to Settings &gt; iTunes &amp; App Store. &nbsp;In the AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS section, disable Updates.<br> <br> Switch to the App Store app and go to the Updates section (icon in the lower right corner).<br> <br> Find the offending app and touch to stop the update. &nbsp;Touch the [Update] icon to restart the update. &nbsp;<br> <br> Once the update completes you can switch back to Settings and re-enable Automatic Updates.
Looks like this issue is gone in version 2 of iOS7 beta! New issue for me: Camera app keeps on crashing ;)
YouTube is stuck in the &quot;waiting to update&quot; state. I've tried using your method with no success. Any ideas?
I had to do it 2-3 times to get all the apps out of the waiting state. The frustrating part was that I fixed one app and then another one went back into the waiting state. What seemed to work best was to install all the broken apps at once in the last step. So I assumed that was the trick that ultimately made it work, but I just might have gotten lucky after my 3 attempts. I would say try again... Once you have been doing it once the cycle is quite quick (at least with my setup).
Thank you for this, i was planning on restore. Have you also notice an unusual drain in battery life?
Does not seem different to iOS6 in my case.
Small question how did you get the iOS 7 beta platform?
I'm a developer. But there are services where you can register your UUID for $10 and pretend to be a developer ;) Or shell out the $99 yearly fee to become a developer.
and I'm impressed that I can answer the question one minute before it was asked..
lol ^ <br>

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