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I just upgraded to iOS 7 dev version. Being beta software, it's to be expected that there is one or the other glitch.

After upgrading I had several apps stuck in a perpetual "waiting" state. The apps could not be launched or removed. Rebooting the phone or re-synching with iTunes did not help.

This is how you can fix the issue...

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Step 1: Remove app on device using iTunes

Picture of Remove app on device using iTunes
2013-06-12 13.37.19.jpg
  • Connect the phone to your PC/Mac and start iTunes
  • Click on the phone in the Devices list
  • Click on the "Apps" tab on top
  • Locate the app that are stuck
  • Click "Remove" button
  • Click "Apply" in lower left corner to remove the apps from the phone

Step 2: Remove "ghost" app on phone

Picture of Remove
This will leave the apps in a "ghost" state on the phone. They have a weird default icon and can't be launched. Delete all "ghost" apps as you would delete any regular app:
  • Press an hold the icon until all icons start to shake
  • Press the "X"
  • Confirm deletion

Step 3: Reinstall the apps using iTunes

Picture of Reinstall the apps using iTunes
Now back to iTunes
  • In the Library / Apps menu, find all the apps that you need to reinstall
  • Select all the apps, use shift (at least on the PC) to select them all. Important to do them all in one step
  • Drag and drop the apps to your phone in the left menu
  • iTunes will now apply the changes automatically

Now all apps should be reinstalled and working. Hope this helps!