Picture of MAGNETIC ATTRACTION ... of an ... iPad 3
This Instructable shows the magnetic design of the iPad 3...
And the very unique Magnetic Cover ( Red Leather of my selection )

Objective here is to understand how the iPad uses magnets to operate this highly innovative product..

You will see the impressive array of magnet placement in the glass and aluminum iPad
and equally impressive leather cover, fairly bristling with what I assume, are NIB1 magnets.

1.]   NIB = Neodymium Iron Boron super  magnets
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My red leather cover  magically protects my  iPad
and among other features magnetically latches on, whenever the screen is closed.

Notice the North Poles in the cover are opposite the South Poles embedded in the iPad
and vice verse.

The opposing magnetic poles are strongly attracted to each other and hold the cover closed.
Remember "Like poles Repel Each Other"..

Also note, of the fourteen [14] magnets in the first leaf of this cover, not counting the little round one,
only four [4] of the five [5] in first column magnets actually Latch up with the four [4] in the embedded screen.

Step 2: What is that Little Circular North Pole in the Cover ??

Picture of What is that  Little Circular North Pole  in the Cover ??
Magnetic Attraction

That little North Pole tells the iPad to shut down when present.

The South Pole does not work !!

·The video shows how a tiny North pole magnet can turn the iPad3 off..

The video shows how a tiny North pole magnet can turn the iPad3 off....


See the speaker sound grill made of an array of 308 equally dispersed holes..

A compass indicates there is a North Pole on the back of the iPad 3...
And a pair of South Poles on the front screen side..

And a magnetic flux viewer shows a pair of speakers residing inside .

The film is dark green where flux lines are passing through the film ( out of this page ).
And the film is light where the flux lines travel inside ( parallel ) with the film.
Also the last magnetic picture graphic stays with the film until a new flux alters the image.
this is great. i'm working on designing a case, this really helped me out!
beatmakers2 years ago
woa super cool!
iceng (author)  beatmakers2 years ago
Anyone who loves dubstep and likes my iPad reveal is definitely OK :-)

Thanks for the nice comment !
useraaaaa2 years ago
steel pennies are rare... use canadian coins..
iceng (author)  useraaaaa2 years ago
They are rare enough to cost 50 times as much at a numismatist's shop..

nerd74732 years ago
so cool dude none of my instructables have been featured yet...
iceng (author)  nerd74732 years ago
Hang in there, you will get one that will :-)

I have a cousin that's an aspy his ability to focus
helped him to become a successful mechanical engineer.

canucksgirl2 years ago
Nice to see you got featured. Congrats! ;)
iceng (author)  canucksgirl2 years ago
Thanks very much.  Always happy to hear from the North. 
canucksgirl2 years ago
Very cool! A stylish cover that can also pickpocket change from people who walk by. ~ I can't wait for the version that attracts paper money! ;-)
iceng (author)  canucksgirl2 years ago
Thanks for your nice comment  LoL,
I have some very strong NIB magnets that can hold US paper money by the magnetic ink that resides in them.

have you thought about doing something sneaky with this and entering it in the spy challenge.
iceng (author)  Zaphod Beetlebrox2 years ago
Yea I did :-) ...... but it was denied :(
too bad