iPad Air Cracked Broken Digitizer Replacement

If you've got an iPad Air cracked screen digitizer, AppleCare or insurance won't help, save some money by fixing it yourself. In this video I will show you how to remove your iPad Air digitizer and replace the digitizer and the LCD screen.

<p>good video very thorough - what did you use to clean the LCD prior to the final fitting?</p><p>Also did you take any precautions against dust, going to do this very repair to my daughters Ipad this weekend! </p>
<p>where is the best place to buy these tools and replacement parts?</p>
I use amazon you pay a little bit more but they are better quality than ebay as amazon seem to have better quality controls.
<p>Thanks for posting this, these things can be so hard to fix on your own!</p>
hi. I can't see the video link. is it missing?

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