IPad Bed Stand - " IBed "





Introduction: IPad Bed Stand - " IBed "


I really did not need the next " Arm for iPad " , but after finishing it , and mounting it to the wall beside my bed ,  i found it  very useful !

you don't need to actually hold the iPad, you can swivel 360 degree , and it`s actually very handy

I used one of my unused Desk light fixture.
Disassembled it`s end , removed the wiring , and assembled some tablet mount i purchased from eBay

Attached it to the wall , and that`s it, i`m ready for some chilling on my bed with the  " iBed "   :)




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This would be great for the disabled!!!!

I agree! , i did not think about it in that direction.

there are a lot of iPad stands in the market for sale for about 50$ ...


Hello Roey,

I'm an engineering student that has a project to build a wall mount monitor arm with the monitor being around 15 pounds. My group and I are thinking that we could use a design similar to your design in this one. Could you give an advice on the materials that my group should use and where the arm should be placed?

Thank you very much

Hey there.

Well as far as I think, you better place the wall mount base in a way that no one will injure itself due to bumping to the product, or just in case it might fall, it would better be not above some person.
About the material, I think that the best would be to use some sort of metal, maybe aluminum with strong hinges and some retractable spring that can hold the device and will assist in moving it up or down..

Good luck mate

thanks for sharing your DIY Ipad Bed stand.
But I still have some question.

- How do you prevent that your arm won't go down, since ipad is quite heavy for the arm if it is extended?

- How do you mount the ipad holder on the arm? (closer detail photo?)



In order to prevent the iPad from falling down you need to replace the butterfly nuts that secure the hinges to a bigger ones.
That way you can close the nut in a convenient way , and tight it with your hands and not with some tool.

I had to make some changes to the arm mount in order for it to fit the arm itself.. did not picture it . sorry...h

Wow, that looks great.

Silly question - I don't suppose you remember the name of the tablet mount you got? Because I'm looking for one that can hold my iPad while it's still in its (fairly bulky) case, and that looks like it would be perfect.


actually this is the exact one :


i just modified it to fit the arm mount

needs to be grind and saw a few pieces in order to fit

Good luck!

Thanks man, you have saved me from the "iHunch.

Sorry that i am a little late to the thread. Would you mind telling me where I would get one of those arms?