It's all about the chair.  I keep reading that in blogs all over the Internet.  If you want to enjoy your iPad you need a comfortable chair.  Even Steve Jobs sat in a chair while demonstrating the iPad at the press conference.  Well, I decided to take it a step further and make a chair for the iPad.

This flat-pack design was inspired by the SketchChair software I saw recently.

Step 1: Design

I started out by downloading the SketchChair software. I was able to create a lot of cool chairs, but I could never get exactly what I wanted. The software is a great concept, but it was not quite ready for what I needed. I switched over to my 3D CAD package (Pro/E). I stole a lot of the construction techniques in SketchChair, but modeled it in exact scale in Pro/E. The design only uses four distinct pieces: 2 Sides, 2 Center Pieces, 6 Slats and 1 rear leg brace.

The DXF of the parts is located on my website.
Where can i find this software. Has anyone a link for me? There's no link on their page anymore.
great instructable, but just thinking, if i modified it a little, wouldn't it be an iphone chair?
Excellent use for an iPad!
Aye, expensive tamagotchi FTW!
i thought it was a chair i could sit on
It requires armrests according to the Monty Python law of comfy chairs. jk, great project!
Clever.<br />I like clever.

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