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Charge your iPad using 2 USB ports, twice as fast as on a single USB port.

1. Cut 2 iPod|iPhone|iPad Cables
2. Identify and verify the cables that carry power (in case you are not using the apple supplied cables) - usually they are red (+5V) and black (G)
3. On one of the USB cables, cut and isolate the data cables (the two cables NOT power related as in item 2 above)
4. Reconnect everything (I used a small veroboard, but just simple splicing/soldering should be okay) - Just make sure you connect the power cables IN PARALLEL.
5. Insulate and test (I used Sugru to create a more hardy enclosure)

This has been tested to bring up a 7% battery charge iPad to full in  about 5 hours - more testing is underway for validation)


Jobo17 (author)2013-12-04

This wouldn't work, iDevices only accept 5v and a resistor on one of the 4 wires inside USB (I forgot which one) which acts as a key, without it, it wouldn't charge, it would ignore it. Same with this, too much voltage will make the iDevice ignore it

scottie.j.murray (author)2012-11-23

Hi mate :)
I followed your directions to the 't', wires were definitely in parallel, spliced and soldered, tested with a multimeter to make sure it wasn't shorting and it still doesn't work :(

I have 'the new iPad' aka iPad 3. When I plug in one of the usb cables when the 30 pin is connected, it charges, but as soon as I plug the 2nd usb in, it doesn't want to play any more :( Any ideas? I would be eternally grateful!

grundisimo (author)2011-07-23

One USB cable could bring the charge up faster. And, if you aren't careful, using this could ruin the iPad you just spent 500 plus dollars on.

jgosselin (author)grundisimo2011-11-27

if you are unfamiliar with series and parallel wiring you should look it up, it is very helpful when dealing with electrical instructables. because the iPad is rated for 5v/10watts by apple. that's 2 amps if this is connected to a PC it would never ever be in danger besides faulty wiring as a pc only outputs max 5.25volts/900 mA's over a standard USB port. not to mention if u supply access amperage it just won't use it. so to readdress the point.. as long as you clearly can ID the 5+volt and gnd and connect them correctly in PARALLEL this charger is just about equal to the wall wart they ship it with.

NOTICE: some PC's have dedicated charging ports they can output around 1.5-1.8amps so you technically wouldn't even need this cable if your PC had such ports, but they only come on high end motherboards.

lebowski (author)2011-02-08


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