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jeff-o won the grand prize in the Gorilla Glue Make it Stick Contest! His awesome Desk Lamp won him a laser cut iPad. After chatting back and forth with him for a while, he sent me some images and showed me how he wanted it laid out. All I had to do was etch.

I did an initial run on some trashed clear acrylic sitting around the office, to make sure everything matched up, and a second pass on tape, to make sure everything would be fine.

I encountered one major problem. The curve of the iPad, is enough to offset the focal point of the laser cutter, rendering certain parts unetched. I had to do two passes.
  • The first pass was at 100% speed and 50% power, with the focus on the highest part of the iPad back.
  • The second pass was at 100% speed, 25% power, with the focus on the lowest part of the back.

The etching actually came out perfectly!

In case you want to see a short clip of the etching taking here!


jeff-o (author)2010-11-08

It's the best iPad EVER!!!

Also, I'm still angry at Fox for canceling the best show ever made.

aquajets1 (author)jeff-o2011-03-26

and we all thought it would be on forever

Dr. Pepper (author)jeff-o2010-12-02

you lucky dog you! I want an ipad so bad I spent all of my money on my project that I entered and didn't win but I guess it's okay.

mikeasaurus (author)2010-11-08

the results look good.
have you considered a second image for when the iPad is in landscape?

That seems like it would be difficult to do. Well, in having two images with different orientations working together. I suppose we could have tried the space ship shooting vertically away from a landscape along one side, but I think that would have been difficult to pull off well.

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