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Introduction: IPad Helmet

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Mount your iPad on a trash can, download a face app, and you instantly have the single greatest halloween custom ever!

Step 1: Materials

rubbermaid trash can (liner lock - $3.50)  
medical rubber tubing or big rubber band
cable holder  (lowes $2)
hot glue gun + hot glue
and one of those iPad's

Step 2: Assembly

Glue rubber tubing into PVC cable holder.

Lay iPad down on side of trash can, mark off a line at the top of the iPad. 

Glue PVC inplace on the marked line.

Let glue dry.

Cut eye slit to see out of.

Download crazy faces or similar app.

Try it out!



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    Anybody know where can I get this rubbermaid trash can in black color online? I only found the whiter color?

    It's like from the song by The Black Eyed Peas!


    Seen the movie Ink? This reminds me a lot of the incubus characters, pretty cool.

    Well mate i thought it was a great idea, as for expensive it's not like you glued the ipad to the bin. Some people have to bag other peoples creativity because they have none of their own.

    one thing.........WHY?!

    You should drill holes through your iPad so you can see that would make this project very cool. 

    Or you could write a program that uses the iPad's camera and displayed it on an iPhone that you mount inside the "helmet" and you have some augmented reality going on.
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    I know that you were kidding about drilling the holes but FYI the iPad is made by Apple... obviously it wont have a front facing camera, or a camera at all for a matter of fact. Apple is terrible...

    Apple is terrible if you like spyware, viruses, and an overbloated unstable OS. It won't have a camera? Is that why they have a spot for one inside? They left it out of this iPad version to keep the price point under $500.

    You just made my point exact... $500 for and iPad!? it should be more like $150. Once again, Apple is terrible...

    I made your point? You just proved a point that you have no clue what makes a product good or terrible. You only address price and a camera. You fail to mention spyware, viruses, stability, overbloated software, hardware and software integration and quality, speed, customer service, convienience, etc. Don't forget that Apple is also known for creating a market, moving a stagnant market forward, or revolutionizing a market. iPods were not the first MP3 players but moved the market forward and made them usable for the masses. ITunes was the first to mass market digital downloads. Podcasts took off with iTunes. Keep using your over bloated HP, Dell, or Acer with Windows 7. I assume you have become comfortable with your lockups, crashes and time spent prevention or getting rid of security breaches. I used PC for 15 years and still use them at work and home. BTW, the extra money you pay for a Apple product will be recouped when you resell it. I just sold a 3 year old Macbook for $650. I paid $1200 for it new. What would your 3 year old PC cost? It is faster and more reliable than a new windows 7 machine with much newer hardware. Did anyone ever tell you you can still run you beloved windows on a Mac?

    OK, i have to admit Apple is a widely known well run company. There products are excellent quality. I do know that i can and have put my "beloved" Windows on a mac. The only reason I run windows is because of the wonderful user customizable interface. I custom build my PC's so I don't worry about all of the problems that you mentioned. Quad core processor, 2 terabytes, 8 gigs of ram and the best operating system ever, WINDOWS 7 make the best computer that you could ever use.

    Mount your IPad on a trash can? I would argue to throw your IPad in a trash can.

    Expensive hallowe'en costume.

    stupidity. It has no limits
    but its pretty cool even tough is not the best use for an'ipad.

     id be afraid of running into a wall and cracking it

    that's the most expensive halloween costume i've ever seen 

    This made me laugh, awesome idea! Don't listen to captain negativity's comment below.

    What a very dumb idea. Why is this even posted here?