Step 2: Cutting the frame

Picture of Cutting the frame
The first step, which I neglected to get a picture of, is to glue the two pieces of foam core together, stacked one on top of the other.  Spray adhesive makes this super easy.  Just follow the directions on the can!

Because I was using the Epilog laser cutter, I needed to do a few different tests to find out what setting I'd need to cut through the two layers of foam core at once, without setting anything on fire.

I did my samples and recorded the settings, as you can see below.  I only cut out the inner part of the frame, because the laser melts the foam inside.  Since I wanted the outside edges to look like notebook paper, I used a hobby knife to cut those.

Since I had enough foam core to play with, I cut out two frames (each two thicknesses).  This gave me some wiggle room to screw one up completely if needed.  Which I did.

Hey, here's a handy file for you to download so you can cut your own!
ipad top.eps(829x595) 376 KB